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    Path report back. Have a question

    Hello. Had my second bowel resection 5 weeks ago. Just got the path report back last week. Basically the 18 inches they took out was a mess with a large stricture, mucosal ulcerations, loss of mucosal folds, grey colored instead of pink, acute inflammation, lymphplamacytic inflammation, and...
  2. Traumanurse

    Unplanned resection surgery tomorrow

    Well, looks like I could really use some support today from the forum group. I've posting on the site for about a month now since I found this great resource. Quick background: Diagnosed with Crohns in 2000 after 2 exploratory laps and a year basically at home on TPN. Had 18 inches of bowel...
  3. Traumanurse

    Tapering Entocort: issues? increased symptoms?

    Hello! I guess I better give some background before my question. I was diagnosed with unrelenting Crohns in 1999. After a horrible debilitating 2 years with TONS of IV meds, a year of TPN, and 2 exploratory surgeries, they finally did a bowel resection at the terminal ileum. Took out 18...
  4. Traumanurse

    I'm officially in the Humira club!

    Well, took my 4 loading doses about 6 hours ago (all in the belly). Have stayed at home and made my husband stick around in case of bad reactions. I think I'm past the scary possible ones like anaphylaxis, so I'm really excited and VERY hopeful that today is the start of a remission! One quick...
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    Weighing the benefits versus the risks of Humira

    Hello! Found this forum researching Humira. It's been a real help seeing how regular people are dealing with their disease. I was diagnosed in 1999 with Crohns. I was in and out of the hospital for two years. And at the end was on IV nutrition only with 27 drugs a day. Horrible time.... Anyway...