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    Alternative medications

    Hi, I have been to see a functional medicine practitioner. She has recommended I take Kap Arrest made by Biotics research, for inflammation and GI Revive ( Designs for Health ) " to support gut membrane health") As well as a low carb diet. Does anyone have knowledge or experience of either of...
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    Adhesions and takedown surgery

    Can anyone please advise me? I had a temporary ( double barrel ) ileostomy formed 6 months ago after 20 cm of ileum and the caecum were removed and my sigmoid was repaired, where the Diseased ileum had stuck to it. 3 days after the operation I got really sick due to a partial blockage of the...
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    Antibiotics in Crohns

    I have been reading about whether antibiotics can induce and maintain remission in Crohns disease and have found information on trials which suggest rifaximin which is a non absorbable antibiotic with a high safety profile, might be effective and suitable for long term use. This drug is not...