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    What happens to diarrhea output with an ilieostomy?

    I POUR water out my butt when I sit down to go. It's a rediculous event. I'm sitting in the hospital still, after an obstruction (which just cleared without surgery) and have to ultimately decide on the BIG procedure. I've gone through all meds and am even on 80mg of prednisone and my colon is...
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    I'm pretty sure I'm getting a permanent stoma and don't know how to handle it

    I get irked by the thought of having this hole in me and I don't know.. that thought just stops me from researching. Whenever I try and see something, anything that has to do with the freaking hole.. I turn away. I'm a freaking forty freaking two guy. It shouldn't freaking bother me this much...
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    I've had crohns, but nothing like this

    Of course it happens on a holiday. This past weekend was Victoria Day long weekend here in Canada. Two nights ago I ate two big burgers and had a couple margaritas. I splurged. Mind you, lately I've been a little lax in what I eat. I should have started by saying my crohns is mainly in my...
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    Is it the prednisone that's making me weak or the Crohns?

    I know no one can tell for sure. It I was on 60 mg of preds and I'm tasting down fast to 40 now cause I don't want to be on this crap. I was doing 30mg morning and night and waking up at 3am every morning and that was my day. Now Ive set it up 40mg just in the morning but shortly after I take...
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    Do you think I can take steriod enema WITH 60 mg prednisone?

    I was on an enema a couple weeks ago. But then my dr put me on prednisone pills and recently upd it to 60 mg. I'm sorta playing dr here, but I think my tectum is getting more inflamed because my urgency has increased a lot. I got the enema in order to tame my rectum inflammation as a...
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    I wish there was a label for each way I feel with this stupid disease..

    For instance... I'm heavily on prednisone, I feel like crap. I'm a grown man and am lying in bed at 430 in the afternoon and I just feel like crying for no reason. I believe the over emotions are due to the preds but anyway.. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Anyway.. if I could label...
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    What is constipation?

    I've had water movements since my dx. I was on 40mg preds for majority of a year but left them and went on remicade. That's failed now and I'm going back on Stelera but my gi put me back in preds in the interim. It's been a week and since I'm still peeing blood out my butt, she suggested I go...
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    What happens if the meds just never work?

    I have moderate to severe inflammation throughout my colon and into my rectum. I also have ulcers into my small intestine. I haven't had any surgeries but my dr is talking about it more lately. I don't get a whole lot of useful info out of her however. What does surgery mean to Crohns patients...
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    Looking for my Crohns twin?

    Everyone seems to be completely different. I know it's nice to be able to talk to people on here and relate somewhat because we all have "Crohns", but Its very frustrating that you never really find someone who has the same thing as you. Or at least I don't. Is there a thread whereby people...
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    What's the science behind my crappy feeling?

    I've been having diarrhea for a year now with varying degrees, but always diarrhea. Usually 5 times a day, sometimes blood sometimes not. Some days I just feel like hell. Fatigued and just a deathy feeling, is how I can best describe it. Lately I've been feeling this way more and more and I'm...
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    Dumb question but my wife is bugging me endlessly about it

    If you have periods of low energy or fatigue due to Crohns, does anyone have any diet related pick me ups that work for them?
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    I'm sick of this crap..

    I've had this for a little over a year now and as of November last year I started dumping just water out my ass. I've gone through most of the drugs... am currently on remicade 1000mg every 4 weeks now and 200mg of azathiprene and I'm still pissing 4 times a day out my butt. I know that's not a...
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    Whoa.. Wait a minute

    I've been diagnosed for about a year and have been on prednisone for most of that time. I finally tried remicade and weened off preds. Now here I am two weeks off prednisone and I'm suddenly getting symptoms I have not had before. I mean, I've had cramps and an urgency to go before but now...
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    Sick After a Movement?

    My GI is probably a really good DR but she sucks for giving me info. I always feel like Ive got to hurry out of the apt and never end up asking the questions I wanted to. So Ill post two I failed to ask er today. First of all, I have constant D 5+ times a day. Im on Azathiprine and Remicade...
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    Is this what haemorrhoids are like???

    I always thought I had hemorrhoids... I could feel them hanging down and they'd itch a bit if I irritated them. Enter Crohns. I've been on prednisone for almost a year now and maybe it's worst because my skin is thinner due the the side effects of the preds.. I don't know.. But I do know that...