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    Good Update

    I have been quiet on hear lately so I thought I'd give a brief update. Things are looking GREAT for my son. He has felt well for about 10 months now. We have eased off on following the FODMAP diet and he is still doing well. He went to summer camp for 2 weeks this summer and only had one...
  2. Twiggy930

    Vibrating Capsule for Constipation Relief?!?!?

    So I can think of a number of reasons why this treatment would not be ideal for someone with IBD but it is interesting none the less. Someone was thinking outside the box. It also kind of makes me chuckle. http://www.cnet.com/news/vibrating-capsule-may-relieve-constipation/
  3. Twiggy930

    Sticky Paediatric IBD - Articles and Research

    Front page story today. http://www.vancouversun.com/health/Crohn+disease+hits+kids+with+family+roots+South+Asia/9741766/story.html
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    Meckel's Scan

    Have any of your kids had a Meckel's Scan done? Our pediatrician has ordered this scan for my son. She is looking for any weird and wonderful things that might be causing my son's unexplained abdominal pain, such as a Meckel's diverticulum.
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    FODMAP Journey

    I am once again desperate to get my son feeling better for longer periods of time. GI is convinced that inflammation is not causing his symptom of chronic and debilitating abdominal pain (labs and FC repeatedly come back normal). Things were good for awhile and now he seems to be having loads...
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    Best thing I've heard in a long time.

    This morning I went for a run and when I came back I checked to make sure my son had taken his pills. He had forgotten so I called out to him to come and take his pills. He walked into the kitchen and said, "sorry Mom, I fogot I had Crohn's". :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:
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    Sticky Paediatric IBD - Articles and Research

    A newspaper article I came across last week on a SSI. I found it interesting and it filled me with hope for better treatments in the future. http://blogs.vancouversun.com/2013/05/09/fighting-cancer-and-other-diseases-with-immune-stimulators-new-clinical-trial-revives-an-old-theory/
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    Back on the Dreaded Pred

    So my son's has been feeling bad since the end of April. It started with a few days here and there of the overall bad feeling and some abdo pain and then WHAM his heel started to hurt for no reason. And I don't mean it just hurt a little, it hurts so much that he can't lie on his back in bed...
  9. Twiggy930

    Any other kids with arthritis/enthesitis?

    My son was diagnosed with enthesitis last year. At that time the inflammation was in his upper thigh. Now the inflammation seems to be in the back of his heel. My question is do any of your kids with arthritis ever have periods of not feeling well, kind of a overall sick/achy/feverish...
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    Bruising and sore heel.

    Any other kiddos get more bruising than normal? My son has a bunch of unexplained bruises. None of them are big but there are a fair few of them. He is also complaining of a sore heel due to being hit with a lacrosse ball two weeks ago. There is a small mark on his heel but he says the pain...
  11. Twiggy930

    First Anniverary for Azathioprine (Imuran)!

    Well today marks my son being on azathioprine for exactly 1 year! Where did that year go? I never thought I'd get used to giving him what initially seemed like such a dangerous drug but I have. Do I wish he didn't have to take it? YOU BET. But it no longer seems so bad. If I compare...
  12. Twiggy930

    Work is NOT understanding

    Does anyone else have problems with work not being understanding if you need time off to care for a sick child? I am allowed 5 days per year to cover all of the following: child's medical and/or dental appointments, appointments at the child's school and care for a sick child. I've gotta tell...
  13. Twiggy930

    Goodbye Prednisone!!!

    My son is FINALLY off prednisone! :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance: So happy to see the end of that frienemy. So far so good but I'm not saying more in fear of angering the Crohn's gods...
  14. Twiggy930

    Abdominal Migraines???

    ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The start of school has NOT been smooth. My son has been having more of his bouts of feeling terrible (tired, slightly queasy, pale, dark circles under eyes, sometimes sweating but no fever, occasional flushing of cheeks, low appetite, abdominal pain of varying degrees, and...
  15. Twiggy930

    Anyone take Iberogast?

    Does anyone take Iberogast? My son has been taking it, on the advice of our GI doc, to help with occasional abdominal pain. I think it may be working but it tastes terrible and my son is having a really hard time taking. Anyone out there have a good way of taking it that masks the terrible taste?