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  1. tzvia

    Humira headaches?

    Hi all, my GI switched me from Stelara to Humira because after nearly 5.5 months on Stelara, I had zero improvement in symptoms. I took my loading dose of Humira on Weds and noticed a headache within an hour. That headache went away for a couple days, but today, I had a headache for the whole...
  2. tzvia

    I feel gross after my MRE

    I had an MRE with barium today and I just feel so gross. Bad diarrhea and gas, nausea, and just a heavy feeling in my gut. I hope I feel better tomorrow. I guess drinking a bunch of water should help but I feel too full and bloated. Just venting....
  3. tzvia

    Is Stelara working for anyone?

    So, it's time for me to get on medication. I've been very reluctant to use any meds other than entocort due to fear about side effects. But it's clear that i need something to help control the D and improve quality of life. Of the choices he gave me, I'm leaning towards Stelara based on...
  4. tzvia

    "Clay" colored stool?

    So my doc put me on Questan because my stool was bright yellow, indicating lots of bile in the stool. Questran captures the bile. Since I have been taking it, the color of my stool has changed. Sometimes its like a dull medium brown, but sometimes, its a light brown, like Khaki. It that...
  5. tzvia

    Questions about entocort

    Ive just been prescribed Entocort. I know its not as "intense" as far as side effects as Pred is, but my question is ---will it leach calcium out of the body like Pred does? And also, literature online says that you can only take it for a few months but my Dr says you can take it long term-...
  6. tzvia

    Post-op fitness- need advice

    Hi! So I'm 3.5 weeks post-op and feeling pretty good. Still can't lift heavy things or engage the abdominal muscles very much. I'm gaining weight since I can eat again, which is good. I'd like to gain about 10 pounds. And I REALLY need to gain muscle since basically all of muscle had melted...
  7. tzvia

    Pain 3 weeks post-op

    I did put a call into the Dr.....waiting for them to call back...but thought I'd ask on here too while I'm waiting. I had an open ileocecectomy 3 weeks ago and also a fistula was removed. When they discharged me, I felt good, except for some pain at the incision site, which is normal...
  8. tzvia

    How long until passing gas after surgery?

    I had a resection 6 days ago and I'm still in the hospital waiting to pass gas. I have terrible gas pains, I've been walking, squatting, using heating pad, bending knees in bed. I feel the gas in my abdomen and it's very painful but it won't come out! It's been like this for days. What else can...
  9. tzvia

    Could this be a fistula/abscess?

    Ok, I'm three days before surgery (resection) now and I notice that I've developed what looks like a little red pimple right next to my belly button, I think exactly where the incision has to be made. I've never had a pimple in that spot before and I don't really get pimples on my abdomen...
  10. tzvia

    I scheduled my surgery today!

    I'm happy to say that I've scheduled my resection and fistula repair for 10/7. Can't wait to hopefully get some relief after nearly a decade of increasing pain. But I'm also a little nervous. Does anyone have any advice for me going into surgery? I plan to make a bunch of soft foods and...
  11. tzvia

    Food nightmare

    Last night I had a nightmare that I ate a whole bag of peanuts and I bsrely chewed them. Was so happy to wake up and realize I didn't eat that! Anyone else ever have a Food Nightmare? It's a little funny now that it's over!
  12. tzvia

    How long is the terminal iliuem?

    How long is the terminal iluem? Can't seem to get clear answer on google
  13. tzvia

    Did you have a resection for your stricture?

    If so, did your cramping and/loud intenstinal noises go away after surgery? Do you experience more or less diarrhea after surgery? What do you wish you knew before surgery that you didn't? Do you feel generally that surgery has helped? Thanks! I'm looking at surgery in the near future and I'd...
  14. tzvia


    I'm just pretty upset today because the results of my MRE showed a severe stricture in the ilieum (about 10 inches), another smaller stricture, and a possible fistula going from my intestine to my rectum, which is probably causing my D, says the Dr. Also , my right ovary is "tethered" to my...
  15. tzvia

    Questran vs Psyllium? Bile Acid malabsorption

    My Dr suspects that bile salt malabsorption might be causing my chronic D. He wants to try me on Questran to see if it helps. .... But I've read that psyllium can work just as well. I'm just looking for anyone who has tried Questran and/or psyllium for bile salt malabsorption and what you...