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    Meds not working

    If you have had an ileal stricture and had surgery to remove it (via strictureplasty or otherwise), could you please let me know what finally caused you to go under the knife? I am thinking I'm at that point now... tried Humira with no success... have now tried Remicade (and I think if Humira...
  2. uab grad student

    Am i sick or just lazy

    am i sick or just lazy Augh! I'm just constantly disappointing myself lately. I'm home again because I am just soooooo worn out. I know I should be thankful that I'm not in as much pain as I was and my bloody diarrhea has stopped, but I'm just constantly exhausted. My lymph nodes hurt like...
  3. uab grad student

    Is Humira and Imuran a good combo?

    I was really crossing my fingers that the Humira I started on December 28 would kick in by now. :( Unfortunately, it isn't. Entocort works wonders--doesn't make me "normal" but makes me quite functional. I'd just keep taking it, except my doc says he doesn't want me on steroids long-term...
  4. uab grad student

    Coping with Chronic Illness

    I recently read to really great books I checked out at my library: The Anatomy of Hope: How People Prevail in the Face of Illness by Jerome Groopman Life Disrupted: Getting Real about Chronic Illness in Your Twenties and Thirties by Laurie Edwards Although neither of these books are about...
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    So exhausted

    so exhausted Hi everyone, I haven't been on Humira for long (only had my 1st two doses so far--the first loading dose of 4 shots, the second loading dose of 2 shots). I am still feeling crappy (pardon the pun) and just soooooo exhausted. My abdomen is in constant low grade pain most of the...
  6. uab grad student

    Augh! I'm mega-constipated

    Hi everyone, I had a small bowel follow through (SBFT CT scan) last week (Tuesday) and ever since I have been very constipated, not sure if it is the barium or something to worry about. They confirmed the same diagnosis found with my colonoscopy (Crohn's, disease in large intestine, stricture...
  7. uab grad student

    Iron deficieny anemia

    I currently have moderately severe anemia (sorry, don't know my numbers, just that iron, hemoglobin, and blood pressure are low). I am taking 325 mg of ferrous sulfate 3 times per day, plus Vitamin B super complex, folic acid, and a multi vitamin. My questions are: * If you have taken iron...
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    How long till Humira works?

    Hi everyone, Sorry, I'm new so I keep posting new questions as I think of them... I started Humira last Monday (December 28) and wondering how long it will take until I can tell it is working/not working? I can't tell it is working yet, but thinking maybe it takes awhile? Please let me know...
  9. uab grad student

    Can I still take Humira/Entocort if I have a cold?

    Hi everyone, I just started Humira on Monday with my loading dose (4 shots) and I'm also on 9 mg of entocort for another 3 weeks.... I woke up this morning with a sore throat and congested nose--think it is just a cold, but I was wondering if I should stop taking the Entocort and since I'm...