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  • Unfortunately I am currently having what we think is a flare up of my Crohn's. Hopefully a simple course of steroids will be all I need to get back on an even footing.
    Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with Crohn's in 2012 after 5 years of unexplained symptoms. I have been stable on Vedolizumab for 4 years. I live in the UK and love music and art. Feel free to contact me if theres anything you think I could help with x
    Hi, I know this might be a tough question but what was your gut pain like? i have not been disgnosed yet but they said my stool test showed positive, then my doc said he wasnt so sure because i had a scan with conrtrast last year when my gallbladder failed and it showed some very minor colonic wall thickening, also had an upper gi with small bowel and it showed clean, they did a endoscopy last year also and siad it looked good, they told me i had gallstone pancreatitis, but my doc said now hes not so sure it is crohns, i have my colonoscopy may 10th, anyhow, lol, my pain is on my left side just under my ribs heavy cramp and sometimes nausea, i dont get allot of loose bowel, more pain than anything else and its always on my left side. in November last year it went haywire, pain and nausea all the time almost a full year after gallbladder surgery, they put me on a low residue diet for now, i still have the pain in fact last night was ruff, i got up feeling shaky, tired, i checked my temp it was 95.1 which i know sounds messed up but allot of times i get that since i had a TBI about 8 years ago, what was your pains like? mine i feel great unless i sit down, so i stand all the time, after dinner i stand until later in the night watching tv then i sit for a bit which is when it starts, if i lay down it usually gets worse but then is gone by morning, does this sound like crohns?
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