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    A clothing guide for men.

    I hope the following video will help all the male ostomates who are struggling to wear normal clothes again. It took a lot of effort to put this video together, but my only hope is that it helps someone out there. Enjoy! http://youtu.be/dZkP5koouQs
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    Carbs not a risk factor in IBD

    Anyone see this new study? http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25265262?dopt=Abstract Carbohydrate Intake in the Etiology of Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Abstract BACKGROUND:: Diet may have a role in the etiology of inflammatory bowel disease. In previous studies, the...
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    1 year ago today - got my stoma :)

    This year has gone by very quickly. It was a year ago today that I was at Mount Sinai hospital in Toronto getting my colon removed and my ostomy made. The positive change in my life has been amazing and I don't think I'd be here if it had not been for my ileostomy. I'm super-grateful! :)
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    Looking for a better drink for upcoming scope

    I've got an ileoscopy in July, but I've got new concerns over fluid replacement during the prep. Normally (for colon prep), I'd be downing sports drinks, organic lemonade (with added sugar) and broth to not only get more fluids in, but to replenish electrolytes lost during the prep - by the...
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    Skin bonding adhesive?

    Hey good people of the Crohn's Forum Stoma subform :ylol2: Has anyone used skin bonding adhesive, like the stuff you pain on your skin so your appliance sticks better (not barrier wipes). What has been your experience with it? does it burn? Irritate skin? Is it a pain to remove? Details...
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    Perianal disease: my experience

    Hey guys, I'll be writing about my experience with perianal disease and how my rectal surgery went (complete removal of my rectum and anus). I suffered many years with abscesses, fistulas, fissures and skin tags and this surgery helped me immensely. I know there are many of you who are...
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    In the hospital. Thanks blockage.

    Yeah, so mistakes were made and I ended up with a blockage. An NG tube and two attempts to "roto rooter" it out of my stoma and it was finally resolved last night. Just started fluids again. Solids to come soon. I hope this is the first and last time I have to deal with this.
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    Super exited about this new coloplast product!

    In case you guys haven't heard, Coloplast will be coming out with a new wafer/pouch in the next few months called Sensura Mio. To be honest, I'm REALLY excited about this, as it aims to tackle so many issues that we've all faced, like pouch ballooning (totally redesigned filter), adhering...
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    Tetanus shot: joint pains ever since

    Joint pains were quite common when my Crohn's was active and since getting an ileostomy in Aug 2013, I haven't had any problems with my joints - that is, until I had a tetanus/diphtheria shot about two weeks ago. A few days after receiving the shot, I had quite a sore arm, which is a normal...
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    Ab workouts?

    For those ostomates who are active or exercising, are there any particular workouts/activities you prefer to tone your midsection? When I asked my surgeon about getting a preventative hernia belt, she said they don't make much difference and it all comes down to maintaining an ideal weight...
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    How much do ostomy supplies cost you per month?

    I'm fortunate enough to have found an insurance company which covers ostomy supplies, but I find it's still quite expensive and my coverage limit will likely run out before my 12 month renewal, and I'm quite concerned at how much it could cost me to purchase these supplies out of pocket...
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    Moldable rings - how do YOU apply them?

    I've been experimenting with Eakin rings and I was curious to hear how others apply their moldable rings. I've only applied it around my stoma, and then applied the wafer over top, but I'm starting to think that applying it to the wafer first might be a better way to go - specifically, cutting...
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    Had rectum removed

    So I'm in the hospital, a few days out from having my rectum removed following my ileostomy in August. I have a VAC attached to my bum and I'm actually surprised that it doesn't hurt at all. Only my incisions on my abdomen are sore. Has anyone else used a vac system (negative pressure wound...