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    Symptoms confusing me..... again

    Nausea for 3 days, crampy diarrhea for 3 days, no fever, worried about a blockage but dont think im enough pain for that to be happening, tired and confused and dunno what to do. Any thoughts/advice appreciated.
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    When do I go to the hospital?

    I'm new here, had Crohn's for 11 years now,, and I still don't understand how "bad" i need to feel before I run off to the hospital. I'll spare the details until/unless i get a response.....but the last three ER visits i have not been admitted or feel like I've gotten much help from the ER docs...
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    Moving from Remi to Humira......

    ......and in a ####load of pain, still 5 weeks before the new Rx. And my GI doesn't like to give out pain meds, and i don't know what to do or expect. 3 ER visits in the last 3 months...they dont admit me or do much at all....I'm just frustrated. New to the forums so lemme know if this...