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    Ileostomy and Exercise

    HI I have a new ileostomy (Aug. 8) and I'm looking for advice/tips/feedback from any active people who also have an ileostomy. Do you have a preferred pouch/flange system that works well for sports/exercising? Any advice for managing sweat/moisture under your pouch? Any information you think...
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    Sports and Ileostomy

    HI Thought I'd just ask a general question - for anyone who is active (yoga, running, cycling, gym work-outs, ball sports, etc...): - what do you do to wick sweat from between your pouch/skin? - do you have a preferred pouch/flange? - any general advice? Thanks for any information you can...
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    Best Pouch/Flange for Sports - Cycling

    HI! I'm new here. I had my ileostomy surgery on August 8. This is my first of two surgeries - eventually I'll get my rectum removed. I have a question about pouches/flanges that active people use. I'm very active and spend a lot of time riding and racing my bicycle. Does anyone have any...