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    Middle of the night poo - what if it hadn't woken me?

    Gross right? But I *barely* made it in the early hours this morning, and that got me thinking -- what if I hadn't woken fast enough? Please please tell me that it will wake me. I've gone through this before, a year ago, and I know I always made it out of bed then. But I'm dealing with a...
  2. Wildmtnhoney

    Multiple bowel movement types in one movement?

    OK, way TMI but ya know... So, I ate out Friday, even though I shouldn't have, due to current pain, etc. Whatever, life goes on. No movement all day Saturday. Odd. Didn't eat much Saturday, due to feeling bloated, etc. And it was a busy day, too. Then, just now, a weird movement...
  3. Wildmtnhoney

    I'm back for a 2nd Colonoscopy, WBCs were slightly high?

    I'm baaaaack! It's been a year. The diarrhea never really let up. Neither did the LRQ pain. I found myself BACK in urgent care after vomiting at work - they pressed on my LRQ and sent me off to ED, where I got a CT scan (normal) but was told to come back in 24/48 hours if things didn't...
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    Lomotil and vomiting

    No diagnosis yet - nothing obvious on colonoscopy, waiting on biopsies. Having diarrhea several times a day still, and a few weeks ago was given Lomotil for "bad" days and/or days when I was going to be out and about a good deal. The first few times I took it, it slowed the D down enough...
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    How long for biopsy results?

    My colonoscopy was last Thursday, and everything looked great. However, they are concerned about the possibility of microscopic colitis, so took "a lot" of biopsies (some each segment of the colon). It's now over a week and I haven't heard anything back. Is this typical? Is it worth it to...
  6. Wildmtnhoney

    Waiting for Colonoscopy - anyone else with blood clots?

    Hiya! synopsis: 37 yo female. I'm not yet diagnosed, Crohn's is just "hinted at" at this point, based on symptoms, and the colonoscopy is coming in just 3 days (eek!). I have had one DVT in my lower left leg, and read that hypercoagulbility can come with Crohn's - has anyone else experienced...