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    Perianal Crohn’s Disease

    Love this advice MLP. Specifically in our case, the Doc is saying my son’s disease is only at the perianal area, and it is unlikely to move to the bowels based on the result of all his scopes/tests and also his prometheus test. I specially asked him about the fact that we read early treatment...
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    Stem Cell Therapy

    Good luck! Keep us posted.
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    Perianal Crohn’s Disease

    Wound care did not do anything. It was only a bridge to get referral to the Hyberbaric group. The Hypebaric doctor was very knowledgeable and believed we might benefit from it. However, he said because all studies so far for perianal Crohns and Hyperbaric oxygen treatment are case studies...
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    Heard from Doc today

    Oh no. Sending you positive energy. Hope you all feel better very soon.
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    Summary discussions/news from AIBD conference 2020

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    Perianal Crohn’s Disease

    Sorry to hear about your situation. I totally understand the anxiety associated to committing to biologics, as we are in a same boat. Son had an abscess in July that turned out to be connected to a horseshoe fistula. No other signs or symptoms. All tests are normal and he is growing fine. GI has...
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    New to crohns

    Are there any statistics on drug (Remicade or Humira) induced skin or joint inflammation? Is one better than the other?
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    Newbies Seeking Advice Input & Opinions

    Thanks much for the info. I didn’t know Humira shots can go down to every 5 days.
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    Newbies Seeking Advice Input & Opinions

    Hello MLP, Do you know if kiddos over 12 years can start with Stelara or Entyvio? Or do they have to try and fail Remicade and Humira first?
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    My Life Has Reached a New Low

    This made me cry... Hope you feel better very soon. Congratulations on your marriage and best of luck to both of you.
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    Crohns or not?

    Thanks MLP for the advice. I didn’t know your son had back and forth change in diagnosis. Must have been very difficult for you over the years... We’re just starting this road and it’s been very rough so far.
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    Crohns or not?

    Hello everyone, We are going through the diagnosis process for Crohns for my son. It’s been a few rough months for us ... My son has two perianal fistulas. I like to know if anyone in here is diagnosed with perianal Crohns if all the scopes and test are normal. We have done colonoscopy...
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    It's been a while...

    Oh... so sorry to hear that. I’ve learned surgeons don’t like to talk much :/ You have every right to be frustrated. I’m praying for the lump to be benign. Takeout sounds good. Stay positive and before you know it the 6 weeks will be over. Take care.
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    Please help - 4 yr old has fissures

    Happy to hear his fistula is gone. That’s a big one. Sending you hugs and positive thoughts. Hope your little one recovers very soon .
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    Please help - 4 yr old has fissures

    Hope your son is doing better. Did Remicade help his fistula?