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    Feeling stuck

    I always try to keep up with everything (eating right, exercise, etc., etc.) and then I find myself frozen. Its like I can't get myself to do anything. The minute I have a flare I just freeze. I freak out and think I'm going to lose all the weight again, end up in the hospital, etc. I just...
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    TI Resection... a little angry

    I was just wondering how many people have had this surgery? From what I learned from pathology is that most of the intestine actually adapts by regenerating. However, the terminal ilium does not. Does anyone know the long term effects of this. I hate to say this but in my case, I really...
  3. wolfem

    Low sodium?

    I can't stand this but I consume large amounts of sodium every day and my sodium levels are still low. Does anyone have this issue? I don't have my terminal ileum so that doesn't help. My body is probably trying to compensate somehow and maybe this is the source of all my frustration lately...
  4. wolfem

    Crohn's or not?

    I always sort of feel like I'm dealing with the strangest stuff. Nobody can figure out what the heck is going on with me and I sort of just want to ignore all of it for the time being--pretend it doesn't exist. Maybe it will all go away. I wish I could relate to everyone on here but I...
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    Loss of white on nails?

    Does anyone know what is means when you lose white at the tips of your nails? I can't find it online anywhere and I this comes and goes. Just wondering what I'm deficient in that would cause this. I'm unable to see my doctor right now to get bloodwork done. He did bloodwork 2 months ago and...
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    Does anyone know good sources of potassium besides bananas and avacados? Thanks! :rosette1:
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    OK. I was just wondering how many people have had problems after having their terminal ilieum removed. Is it just me or does anyone else having issues maintaining weight? Doctors won't put me on meds because they have done countless tests which show I'm in remission besides mild gastritis. I...
  8. wolfem

    Surgery and cholesterol?

    I know I keep bringing this up but I'm very confused as to what to do. Does anyone else have problems with low cholesterol? I had my terminal ilieum removed and now my cholesterol just keeps going down no matter how much healthy fat I eat :( Where else does fat get absorbed? And, perhaps I...
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    No one to talk too...

    I ended up in the ER and they say my crohn's is in remission but my stomach hurts like heck. Aciphex isn't working. I have low grade fevers that come and go and my back hurts like heck. I have an endoscopy tomorrow. Hope everything is o.k. I'm so bummed because everyone in my family are...
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    Acid reflux and burning pain?

    OK. I've posted a few threads on the forum discussing this really awful burning pain that I've had ever since my surgery two years ago. The pain comes and goes and its mainly near my upper back/rib cage area. It hurts to breathe--it burns. Seems to get better on B vitamins and electrolytes...
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    SBFT question

    I have a few question :) Does anybody know if you can eat after a SBFT? I forgot to ask the radiologist. :hallo3: It only took two hours to do because I guess the barium went through fast. Has anyone had this happen? I was told it would take up to four hours.:cool: Oh, and I've been trying...
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    Sticky You Are Not A Burden!!!

    Wow. Very nicely stated :) This helps me a lot because I often feel like a burden when nobody understands what I have to deal with. This forum has helped me tremendously.:soledance:
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    Microdose Therapy?

    I was just wondering, has anyone tried microdose therapy (Helen Foundation)? I was told it has an 80% success rate with autoimmune diseases (mainly rheumatoid). Just wondering if anyone has heard or tried it before. Sort of sounds too good to be true.
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    School and crohn's

    Sick of crohn's. That's all I have to say--sick of it. lol. Well, maybe things will come easier for me once I graduate. I just have the hardest time staying positive while finishing up my degree. The moment I try and forget about crohn's, it creeps back up on me. I just look at everyone...
  15. wolfem

    Low cholestrol levels

    My doctor didn't really think it was a huge issue but I'm thinking that if my cholestrol levels are too low, it can start to cause health problems. I think I'm extremely low, around 138. Is anybody else having this issue? Does anyone know if you can still maintain cholesterol levels after...