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    Aflac coverage anyone?

    Was wondering if any of you had Aflac coverage? It is different by state, the rep I talked to told me they don’t cover a medical condition as much as they cover situations. If I would have had coverage last year I could have gotten money for each day I was in the hospital along with each MD...
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    Week 6&7 with Stelara & fatigue with symptoms

    Been on Stelara now for almost a year. I also take imuran with it. Have any of you noticed that around week six you start to have symptoms? Week six I start getting fatigue. Week seven, it is all I can do to get through an 8 hr work day. I get increased bathroom visits, and abdominal pain...
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    Advice on what meds I can try next?

    Currently on Stelara & it has been working somewhat. I take imuran and probiotics along with it. My GI has told me that I have failed all other meds, and when I flair next it will either be experimental meds as surgery is not a good option for me. I developed antibodies to humira, so GI says...
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    Swimming and low immunity

    I want to get back to swimming after the worst flair and c-dif infection of my life. I am currently on Stelara & imuran and worry about the risk of infection. Does anyone else swim? How do you get around/ Handel the fear of infection? Whoops!
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    My crohns funny for the day

    So I'm in a flair and currently going through my 4th round of c-diff this year... nice I know. my very funny elderly aunt calls me this evening. We are talking about this and that while I'm on the sofa when I feel.... THE CRAMP! So I tell her I have to go... it dose't register with her. Again...
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    How long after fecal transfer till neg C diff test?

    So I have C diff now for the fourth time this year! Doing a fecal transplant tomorrow. Does anyone have experience with how long after this will I have to wait until I have a neg stool? Thanks Woops!
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    I am loosing my sh!t, more ways than 1. Sad/frustrated

    I just honestly do not know how much longer I can take it! I see my GI regularly and agree and am following his plan, but this loosing my bowels business I just can't take!! Long story short, humira quit November, started Stelara, and this whole time C-diff 3 times. Right now on Vanco for 21...
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    How do I stop diarrhea?

    I'm 2 weeks after my Stelara infusion & I know it can take some time to work. GI has given me lomital and told me to take it every 6 hrs as needed which has been round the clock. I still have slight blood, not bad. The D seems to be worse at night. I have been told to eat a high protein diet...
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    What meds have failed before you starred stelara?

    Getting ready for my first dose Friday. just curious as to what meds have failed for everyone? Mine are humira, methotrexate, remicade, Pentasa.
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    How do you handle the high temps?

    I'm in full flair and treating the symptoms until insurance decides I'm worthy of new med. every night I could set my watch by my nice 102+ temps. I am on antibiotics and I take Tylenol every night before bed, and again as soon as I'm up. Anyone got any other suggestions? Just venting and...
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    Medical alert bracelet.... anyone have one? Thoughts?

    After my recent hospital stay I learned that my husband is not comfortable with his knowledge of my past medical history, current and past treatments. His big worry is that I could get to a point where I can't explain things well, or that things change so fast (meds/treatments) that he will tell...
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    Need to vent, feeling low

    Today is day 24 of constant 20+ times a day diarrhea 😔 My flair got complicated by C-Diff. Last stool sample showed the c-diff as being clear and gone. On Tuesday my GI started me on 40 prednisone for a month and then taper. I do ok during the day (well with wearing my depends, and not eating...
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    C-Diff anyone?

    My small flair that started in November has now become complicated by C-Diff:ymad: I have been given vancomycin to take. Anyone got any experience on how long it will take to work? I'm 2 days in with no relief. Whoops!
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    Has your "safe foods" list changed as you have gotten older?

    I have had Crohns now for 20+ years. It seems every few years I have to move a "safe food" into the "cause me issues group". An example would be potatoes, they were always one of my first go to foods when I had some issues. After not eating them during the summer and now eating them, they just...
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    Body temp regulation question

    Lately I have been feeling colder than normal. I turn the AC off at night and sleep with 5 blankets on the bed & sill have a hard time falling asleep as I feel very cold. During the day I wear a sweater, even at work. Does anyone else get super cold, even when sitting outside in 80 degree...