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    How do you manage to keep on going with all the fear and sadness ?

    Friends, [PART1] I am writing to you from a dark place in my life. I don't even know where to start; the thoughts are a mess. Deceiving the mind. Playing with my soul as if it were a toy. But I shall write about the here and now, I decide. It's Saturday night. I have been going through a lot...
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    Can you teach me courage ?

    Hello Beautiful People, So I probably posted about it once or twice before. But I stood still. It's been a while now that I feel it's time for surgery. I have one big, undeniable stricture at my TI, and it ain't going anywhere unless they remove it, as much of it is fibrotic. Thank God for the...
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    Do you stick to a certain diet habits ?

    So I was thinking how many of us believe that diet plays a role to the point that they stick to it as a part of IBD management ?
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    On-line therapy experience anyone ? And some sharing/venting

    Hello nice people, I am writing this with tears in my eyes. I am very sad and I dont know what came first but my health is not at best right now. Somehow all issues come at once, it's always like this; but this is a story for another thread, maybe. In the last couple of years I built some...
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    Hi Everyone, So I just read about Shilajit (called Mumio in Russia) which is believed to be benefitial for osteoporosis (it is full if minerals in a nature form) as well as for Crohns (they say it has immunostimulant properties). Now I see the big players are not producing it in any form...
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    6MP side effects right form the start ?! Help !

    Hi Guys, So I just started 6MP and right from the beginning I got nausea from hell and overall sickness feeling like headaches, weakness etc. I did not even think it was possible to feel this on the very first week :( I really thought it would be easy breezy ... no way ... So my question is...
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    How long did it take for 6mp/Aza to work for you ?

    They always say that it takes time for those drugs to take effect, since it has to "build itself" inside the body. I did hear 3 months period as a rule of thumb, but I did notice that as everything with Crohns this is also different from one to another. So assuming you are or have been treated...
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    6mp ? Humira ? Confused. Terrified.

    Hello Team - I need your advice ... :sign0085: Recently I had been to my GI and GP And I have to begin a steroid-sparing treatment The GI more or less let me choose between immunosuppressants and biologics..l being conservative I went for 6mp. So there I go with a round of doctors and blood...
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    The Jerusalem Balsam

    http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0378874105002667 anyone tried ? what do you think ?
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    Teduglutide on Patients With Moderate-Severe Crohn’s

    Teduglutide on Patients With Moderate-Severe Crohn’s What do you think ? http://www.gastrojournal.org/article/S0016-5085(06)01946-9/fulltext
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    BL7040 (good) news

    http://www.4-traders.com/BIOLINERX-LTD-10619776/news/BioLineRX-Ltd--BioLineRx-Announces-New-Positive-Results-in-Phase-2a-trial-for-Orally-Available-Inf-17501062/ Not that I understand it really, but it does interest me more than most potential drugs as it looks like they are taking a little...
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    Anybody got info ? RPC1063

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    RHB104 - Let's pray together ...

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    Prednisone effectiveness lasts only few days ?!

    Hey Guys, I am really confused :( I will save you the whole story ... long story short my doc. started me on prednisone which seemd to make a difference after few hours ! First 2 days felling was MUCH better than before; then each days it looks like the effect decays and symptoms are sneaking...