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  1. Emma1978

    Does Crohns make conceiving harder?

    Hi, I'm currently trying IVF. I've been TTC for 6 years in between surgeries. Have had 2 failed rounds of ivf , one this week. I do have fertility issues, but wondered if Crohns makes conceiving even harder? Thanks xx
  2. Emma1978

    Anyone had IVF? 6 years TTC :(

    Hi, I'm currently trying IVF. Have had 2 failed rounds, one this week. Has anyone been through ivf or are currently going through it? I do have fertility issues, but wondered if Crohns makes conceiving harder? Thanks xx
  3. Emma1978

    Stoma enlarged and pain. Maybe flare?

    Hi all. I've had my Stoma just over a year now. I've had no major problems apart from really high output. I take about 12 loperamide a day so I can work. In the last 6 weeks I think I have started a flare. Usual symptoms, diarrhea (nothing cures it), exhaustion, tiredness, nausea, cramping and...
  4. Emma1978

    Constant pain - anybody had this?

    Ive never posted a question on here before, but I read this forum a lot and post replies sometimes when I think I can help. But I'm desperately needing any opinions as I have a new pain Ive never had before: I have an awful constant pain throughout most of my abdomen , but if I press its mainly...
  5. Emma1978

    Fatigue is ruining my life - please please help me!

    Hi all. I am asking for any advice or help anyone can offer, as Im struggling here! I have posted my story long a while ago but heres a brief (ish) summary: Had crohns for 12 years. 2 years ago spent a while in hospital having 3 surgeries for 6 fistulas and 3 abscesses! Awful few years with it...
  6. Emma1978

    My story - help please anyone!

    My story - help please anyone-fistulas and incontinence! Hi. Im not new to crohn's but new to forums, Ive never been on one before in my life. If Im posting in the wrong place or anything please let me know. Im not sure how much to write as the story is particularly long, but Ill put the...