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    Treatment Update

    Hi, Just to let you know that I've just returned from a day and a half in Hospital for operation number eleven on my backside. End result is that I now have two bits of sting threaded through fistulas in my backside. Yesterday morning I only had one. I expected them to do a little more, but it...
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    Weekly as of Tomorrow

    Going to weekly shots as of tomorrow. Let's hope that this finally get my fistula under control. I will not be sorry to see it go after 6 years! Mark
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    My Story

    Hi, My name is Mark and I was diagnosed with Crohn's over 20 years ago. I've looked in on the forum from time to time, but recently decided it was time to join so that I could share my experiences with others. The condition was initially diagnosed as IBS and treated as such for 18 months, but...