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  1. Mayflower537

    Latest round of testing

    Well, I had my MRE this morning. It wasn't a terrible experience, by any means. I had to drink three cup-fulls of the contrast, which was not barium, but still gave me the runs like crazy. After I sat for awhile waiting for that to infiltrate my guts, the tech, who was super nice, took me...
  2. Mayflower537

    What does gastritis feel like?

    When I had my endoscopy last year there was mild, chronic inflammation of my stomach. To date I do not think this is something I typically feel to any degree. Today, since around 11 AM I have had this weird stomach ache. It's not a stabbing pain, it's an ache that varies in intensity. I would...
  3. Mayflower537


    Anyone use this stuff? Does it have any serious advantages over chlorophyll or is it roughly the same? How does it affect people with bowel issues? My poo has been green and loose somewhat (seems like it coincided with when I started taking chlorophyll - the green definitely did and I think...
  4. Mayflower537

    Please Help

    Hi, Everyone. I want to apologize in advance as this is very un-IBD related but I don't know whom else to turn to or where else to post it. My brother, who lives in NYC, was just hospitalized yesterday after very stupidly mixing drugs of some sort (steroids and xanax??) that have caused him...
  5. Mayflower537

    Anyone else freaked out about this?

    Okay, so it sucks to be undiagnosed (esp when you're doing poorly), but what about these people who have been diagnosed, and then all of a sudden they get another GI that doubts the diagnosis? I almost think that is worse than being undiagnosed. Especially when there was hard-core evidence of...
  6. Mayflower537

    Article on UC in local Newspaper

    Saw this today in our paper. http://www.postandcourier.com/news/2011/jan/11/treatment-can-give-hope-relief-those-who-suffer-ch/
  7. Mayflower537

    Nocturnal poopy accidents always indicate a problem?

    My son is 3 and has been potty trained for a little over a year now. I can't remember the last poopy accident he had during the day. However, twice in the past 7 days he has woken up with soiled underwear/diaper. The first time, last Saturday night, it was a solid stool and he seemed kind of...
  8. Mayflower537

    How to tell if blood is from Crohn's Disease or menstruation

    I have internal hemmies that my c-scope found in March. I am undxed as far as IBD is concerned. Earlier this week, I thought I had blood the TP and then the next day I had what looked like bloody diarrhea. I figured that I should call my GI as seeing any blood in the john is unusual for me...
  9. Mayflower537

    Don't know what's going on...

    I don't know if I am officially dxed as "IBS" but that's how my doc is proceeding. He keeps telling me that I may develop Crohns later (think he is trying to cover his you-know-what:)) Typically, over the last several years, I will have very acute episodes of cramping and diarrhea that...
  10. Mayflower537

    Lymphoid Nodules in the Colon

    Hey, My doc's office just sent me the pathology reports from my c-scope and EGD. I noticed on the c-scope report, it said for my colon biopsies that "Multiple lymphoid nodules are present." I'm guessing since it hasn't been mentioned to me my doc doesn't view it as weird or anything, but I...
  11. Mayflower537

    EGD results

    Okay, so by way of background, I have periodic episodes of cramping and diarrhea. Results were positive for Crohns on Prometheus Serology 7, and I've been through all the scopes (I think?): colonoscopy - all clear w/2 benign polyps; pill cam - thought there was narrowing of duodenum b/c the...
  12. Mayflower537

    Inflammation Question

    So I have a question...what is different in inflammation caused by Crohn's vs. say, normal "esophagitis"? Maybe normal is not the right word... And a biopsy would be able to differentiate? Thanks!
  13. Mayflower537

    Upper Endoscopy Results

    I had my Upper Endoscopy today to check out some apparent narrowing in my duodenum which the pillcam discovered. Turns out, it wasn't narrowing but "sharp angulation in small bowel" and no evidence of inflammation was found in the duodenum. I'm kindof skinny, and he attributed it to my small...
  14. Mayflower537

    Narrowing of the duodenum

    I am as yet un-diagnosed. I have an EGD on June 1 to look at some narrowing in my duodenum that was found by my pillcam endoscopy. My question is, can duodenal narrowing be caused by something benign and un-scary? Thanks! May
  15. Mayflower537

    If If Colonoscopy and Pillcam are Negative for Crohn's...

    ...then is that good enough? Those are the best tests right? I just had a blood test cast suspicion and I'm wrestling with getting a second opinion. For what it's worth, I'm not that sick, I don't feel bad chronically or anything. There are just episodes from time to time... Thanks
  16. Mayflower537

    Pillcam Results

    Hi, all! Got a call from my GI office this morning and they said that everything on the pillcam looked good. I did have one area of narrowing in my esophagus, and if I had any problems swallowing in the future he could stretch it with an upper endoscopy procedure. Sounds lovely. Not having...
  17. Mayflower537

    A Question about Mouth Sores

    Okay, this might be a dumb question, but if you have an ulcer/canker sore in your mouth is there something they can do to test if it's Crohn's-related? Just curious. Thanks!
  18. Mayflower537

    Can you have Crohn's and not bleed?

    Well, that's pretty much my question. Is it possible to have Crohn's and not bleed?
  19. Mayflower537

    What do y'all think?

    Hi, Everyone, I am a 29 year old female and have had stomach issues for several years now. My typical symptoms are horrific stomach cramps that end up with my being in the bathroom for a couple of hours, always with diarrhea and occasionally, if the pain gets too bad, I'll vomit as well. I've...