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  1. Cookie

    Do you see a rheumatologist?

    My mother thinks that because I have Crohn's and often have joint pains in a flare, that I should see a rheumatologist. I am on Remicade and doing fine and don't believe it is necessary. Just curious, how many of you regularly see or have seen a rheumatologist?
  2. Cookie

    Swimming with anal fistula?

    Does anyone have any tips or thoughts on this? I always wear a panty liner to catch the drainage, but I don't feel comfortable going without one to swim. I even have a dark skirt style bathing suit, but I would just as soon stay out of the water just in case. Our friends have a pool and people...
  3. Cookie

    Peri-anal fistula

    For those of you who have had them, how did you know for sure. Did you need to have a doctor confirm it? I have had two recto-vaginal fistulas in the past, and those are pretty straight forward because things are coming from places where they shouldn't be. I think I may now have a peri-anal...
  4. Cookie

    How long to feel better after starting Remicade?

    How long did it take for you to start noticing the effects of Remicade? I had my first infusion yesterday. I am currently also on 50 mg of Imuran and 30 mg of prednisone, but I am having so much abdominal pain. I am just looking for relief and wondering when it is going to come?
  5. Cookie

    Abdominal cramps...what do you take?

    Does anyone have any advice on what to take to help with abdominal cramping (either OTC or prescription)?
  6. Cookie

    Dear Crohn's Disease

    Forget you. Your days of controlling my life are done. It ends today. I have had enough. You have taken too much from me already. You no longer get to tell me what I can't do, what I can't eat or who I can't be. You are done influencing how I feel, how I look, or what I am capable of. You...
  7. Cookie

    Confused by blood test results

    I feel like I am full of nothing but questions lately, but I always come here first to ask because I always get advice from knowledgeable people. Today I got results from blood work drawn on Tuesday and was a bit surprised by the results. I started flaring in March and started on 40 mg of...
  8. Cookie

    Immunosuppression and exercise

    For those of you that are on immunosuppressants (specifically, I will be on Imuran and Remicade), do you find that excessive exercise compromises your immune system? I will begin taking these drugs for the second time (after 5 years of remission, went off them b/c TTC). I don't remember that I...
  9. Cookie

    Remicade vs. Humira

    Hi everybody, I know this subject has been covered before and I have searched some of the older posts, but I am posting it again in hopes of maybe getting some fresh perspectives and possibly find people that may be willing to answer specific questions I have. I had a doctor's appointment...
  10. Cookie

    Advice for upcoming camping trip?

    My husband and I are leaving tomorrow for a week long camping trip to Zion National Park in Utah. We have been planning this trip for quite some time, as I had been in remission for over 3 years and never even gave it a second thought. Out of nowhere, in June, I began flaring. Things are...
  11. Cookie

    Suggestions for relief from fissure pain?

    I currently am in a flare and developed an awfully painful fissure. I am getting my bowel movements under control with prednisone and am down to about 5-6 per day, but this fissure has made everyone of them excrutiating. I have nitroglycerin topical from my doc. I do sitz baths as I can (but I...
  12. Cookie

    Filling defect on CT scan?

    Has anyone had this diagnosis on a CT scan? What did it turn out to be? My most recent CT scan showed a filling defect in my bladder, which probably has nothing to do with crohn's, but I am wondering if it may be something else Crohn's related. i have a colonoscopy scheduled for Tuesday and...
  13. Cookie

    Back to join you all

    Hi. I'm Lori. I am a long time forum member, but have been a way for quite a while because I have been doing great for the last several years. Until now. Most of the problems I've had in the past were with fistulas, but I have had that under control following my last surgery in 2009. I...
  14. Cookie

    Abdominal Spasms?

    Sorry to just pop in when I've been gone away for so long. It's been a few years now that I have been in remission and I have been doing great. I was dropping in to check threads every once in a while at first, but I felt like staying connected here kept me from truly "letting go". I think...
  15. Cookie

    Advice on staying gluten-free?

    Over the past year I have proven to myself that I feel 100% better when I adhere to a strict gluten-free diet. Trouble is, after about 6-8 weeks of doing tremendously well, I cave in and eat something bad for me. I don't know if I forget how bad it makes me feel or if I just get tired of...
  16. Cookie

    Crohns in rectum...problems pooping?

    I have Crohns in my rectum and lately I have had major problems pooping (although I think I'm in remission???). My stools are soft but formed, but I have trouble getting them out. Not like constipation. I have those cramps that tell me I need to go, but when I sit on the toilet, it's like...
  17. Cookie

    Issues in the morning? Drink water...

    I have always had issues with my bowels in the AM in particular. I recently discovered something that I believe may be helping with this problem. I read a magazine article in which a supermodel (I forget which one) said the first thing she does every morning is drink a glass of water to wake...
  18. Cookie

    Can probiotic cause problems in a flare?

    Has anyone had any experience with this? Probiotic have had a positive impact for me while in remission, but I think I may be heading into a flare and I'm wondering if they can do more harm than good. Any opinions?
  19. Cookie

    Fecal leakage without fistula?

    (I just let out a chuckle because this is probably the only forum where nobody would be surprised by a thread title like that...) Anyway... I have had a large amount of fecal leakage lately and I am wondering if this is normal or if it may be an indication of a fistula. I have had two...
  20. Cookie

    In a bit of a panic...not sure where to turn

    First off, let me say that it is not usually like me to get worked up over things, but I can't get this situation out of my mind and I'm not sure what to do, if anything. I'm just looking to let it all out there and see if anyone has any advice. I have posted around the subject several times...