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  1. Bufford

    Is food sensitivity in remission still normal?

    I usually know about it within a day. The cramping pains start during the night and can continue for days afterwards. I'm guessing the seeds get caught in the GI tract and aggravate inflammation to the point I get constipated. It can get so bad that I have contemplated on going in to the ER at...
  2. Bufford

    Is food sensitivity in remission still normal?

    Seeds are something I have to avoid at all costs whether I am in remission or in a flare. Tomatoes, strawberries, pop corn, seeded buns etc. are forbidden foods for me. I associate these with pain and misery. I also have to limit fiber, and anything that can overload my bowels. I find eating 4...
  3. Bufford

    Need help re MRI freaking out

    I wouldn't worry too much, if the images and or biopsies detected something cancerous the doctor would have contacted you much earlier. When I get a scan or scope done, I feel that its good news when there is no news, in this case no urgent early calls from the doctor after the procedures are done.
  4. Bufford

    Can You Eat Olives Without Any Issues? (POLL)

    Chew them well, don't eat too many and not every day.
  5. Bufford

    Christmas Eve, my car was lost, later found

    It reminds me of when I got my first car. I had just gotten my driver's license and went to a large shopping mall and did not pay attention to where I had parked, this was back in the 1970's. I came out of the mall and then realized my troubles. I had to walk all the way around the mall shopping...
  6. Bufford

    Mercury or Amalgam fillings

    I wonder if anyone has had any improvement when amalgam fillings fall out or are removed. Most of mine are gone now due to aging years ago, but no improvement came of it for the chrons.
  7. Bufford

    Broccoli sprouts diet protects mice from Crohn's disease, study shows

    I eat a small amount of broccoli flowers with lunch and find it helps some with digestion and perhaps inflammation. Maybe there is something in the broccoli that aids the bowel medically.
  8. Bufford

    Skin under flange issue

    These fungal infections are nasty and hard to control. I was prescribed Lamisil terbinafine hydrochloride topical 1% cream and it did the trick to bring it under control. Using it under the glue doesn't work well, but applying the cream 3 or 4 times a day around the outside edge of the flange...
  9. Bufford

    Appointment anxiety

    I don't have any anxiety when I am at the doctor's office, rather I use the time to think about what I am going to communicate with the doctor to have a good doctor/patient relationship where the doctor can work with me for a positive outcome. When incontinenance is a possibility or a problem...
  10. Bufford

    Many small or few large meals during the day?

    I typically eat 4 smaller meals a day to prevent overloading of my system. Large meals leave me feeling uncomfortable.
  11. Bufford

    Safety profiles compared to biologics?

    It depends, people are unique and not everyone responds well to treatments. I've had some bad reactions from many of the treatments including biologics. Some problems show up right away, others show up over time. You will have to decide what works for you. I am a firm believer of the bottom up...
  12. Bufford


    Maybe it will not be chaos when you come home from surgery. Chances are good that with better health it will bring with it a better quality of life.
  13. Bufford


    Hang in there, with illness like chrons the body often swings too far down and life can feel hopeless. Its like a rollercoaster. Just hang in there, better will come at some point. You have a plan in place to deal with the thyroid, and that is a good start.
  14. Bufford

    Nick's Story

    Welcome, I'd be monitoring your son's weight. Also I would be offering a wider range of proteins such as chicken, and lamb along with the fish. Melon is easy to digest, english cucumber salads are easy and refreshing. Apple pie is good as the apples are soft from the baking. I found that...
  15. Bufford

    Scientists Get a Better Understanding of How Stress Can Inflame the Gut in IBD Patients

    Thanks, Waldo, I googled up and read reviews of the book, it appears to be informative.
  16. Bufford

    Scientists Get a Better Understanding of How Stress Can Inflame the Gut in IBD Patients

    Thanks for sharing. In my case, family tensions are likely behind my latest prognosis. Giving in to their greed, and accepting it is probably the best way to go forward.
  17. Bufford

    Do I have to take biologics?

    You have to decide what is right, the doctor can only make suggestions. You know your body better than anybody else. I have always believed in going with my gut so to speak. I have tried treatments in the past, Cipro Aza, and Remicade. Aza worked for a while and then went against me, and...
  18. Bufford

    Fleet enema suggestions for prep?

    Lay a sheet down on the floor close by the toilet. Lay down on one side and relax. Remove the cap from the enema, and gently insert into the rectum and then gently squeeze the contents. Continue to lay on the side on the floor to let it work. One will suddenly get the urge to go. Relax and let...
  19. Bufford

    To Entyvio or not to Entyvio

    It doesn't sound like your symptoms are all that bad. I've been offered Entyvio but declined due to the bad experiences I have had with other treatments including Remicade which was a very unpleasant experience forcing me to stop after the 3rd loading dose. The other thing to consider are that...
  20. Bufford

    I´m getting off medication.

    I went off of all those meds and am doing much better for it. I found them hard on my system, biologics being the worst offenders affecting everything from my heart to hair loss. Some treatments helped me at first, but over time they went against me. Now having said that everyone is different...