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  1. SarahBear

    Tight feeling in throat?

    Lately I've been having a weird sensation in my throat. It's tight, like it's closing up, but I can still breathe / eat / drink normally. At first, it was mild - if I held my head up a little higher, the feeling would lessen or go away. It's been worse the past few days - extremely...
  2. SarahBear

    I'm tiny.

    Yep. I am an exceedingly small individual, at 5'2 and currently hovering around 90lbs (ideally I should be at least 98lbs). Usually this doesn't bother me. I don't really think about it unless I'm standing in very close proximity to someone who is on the complete opposite end of the size...
  3. SarahBear

    Thrombocytopenia (Low Platelets)

    I was talking to someone with IBD who mentioned having small, round bruises all over their body. I often have similar bruises, although mine are almost entirely on my legs. These bruises seem to appear more frequently when I'm feeling worse, but all doctors I've mentioned it to say, "Well...
  4. SarahBear

    Bearly There: An Update

    I saw my GI today… aaandd… I'm down to 94lbs. I haven't been to see him (or any doctor that weighed me) since December or so. All last year I was fluctuating between 103 and 105lbs. 98lbs is my average, and just before my diagnosis, I dropped down to around 91lbs - a cause for great concern...
  5. SarahBear

    Mouth sores

    Yesterday I noticed just after brushing my teeth that I had a very sore patch on the inside of my bottom lip, kind of low down and to the left. When I looked at it, it looks red and lumpy - I immediately thought inflammation. I'd assume I bit my lip or something, but that's generally something...
  6. SarahBear


    Hi, everyone! I'm writing a research paper on diet and IBD. I was hoping I could get some information from you to help me out! I've written up some questions. If you could respond to them with as much detail as possible, I'd appreciate it. You can post your responses here, or PM them to me...
  7. SarahBear

    The Miserable Prednisonites Club

    Hi, everyone! Welcome to The Miserable Prednisonites Club! This is a Support Group for those of us who are having or have had a rough time on steroids! Even if they helped you, feel free to join and vent about those pesky side effects! As we all know, Prednisone has many side effects...
  8. SarahBear

    Colonoscopy Prep Tips

    Colonoscopy Prep Tips Suggestions: There are multiple different preps - if you have done one that was hard on your stomach or difficult to get down, try requesting another Using a straw, holding your nose, and drinking the prep extremely cold all help lessen the bad taste If possible, eat...
  9. SarahBear

    IBD Awareness Week

    December 1st through the 7th is IBD awareness week in the US! Do you have any plans for raising awareness?
  10. SarahBear

    Suddenly very nauseous and dizzy...

    About half an hour ago, I became very, very hot. A few minutes later, I became nauseous and dizzy and later developed a headache. For a while it seemed like my vision and hearing were acting strange, but I can't pinpoint what exactly was strange about it. All in all, I kind of felt like I was...
  11. SarahBear

    Doing a little venting here.

    Well, I had a pill cam done on August 8th, and just had my follow-up appointment on September 11th. Back story: I was diagnosed with Crohn's in 2008, after a Prometheus test came back positive and a pill cam showed the disease throughout my small intestine. Since then, I lost medical insurance...
  12. SarahBear

    Can you feel inflammation?

    Just wondering - can you feel when you're inflamed? Other symptoms and indicators aside, that is. Thanks!
  13. SarahBear

    New GI; not sure how well this is going.

    So, I was diagnosed in '08 and put on Prednisone and 6-MP. I later switched to methotrexate because injections are easier for me than pills. The methotrexate helped, but I still had problems fairly often (more than before treatment). When I graduated high school, I didn't go directly to...
  14. SarahBear

    Hyoscyamine? + general GI behavior question

    Hi, everyone! I've been untreated for a few years due to lack of insurance, and just got in to see a GI yesterday. I have a few questions for you all. 1) She didn't ask about my symptoms, or even how I've been feeling lately. Not once. She mentioned symptoms being unimportant because IBS...
  15. SarahBear

    My Introduction

    Hi, everyone! My name is Sarah, I'm 20 years old, and I have Crohn's disease. I was diagnosed shortly before I turned seventeen, in my junior year of high school. I had been experiencing stomach pains for some time - probably since I was eight or so. My mother believed I faked it to get out...