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  1. LaurenB89

    Alternatives to Barium. Help!

    Hi all, Well I went for a MRE today and ended up not being able to do the test because I could not stop gagging trying to get the barium down. Sometimes you just know when your body can't handle something, and I know I can't handle that. Anyone know of any alternatives to the barium? If so...
  2. LaurenB89

    Risks with Humira

    Do the risks of Humira go away once the medicine is stopped? Anyone have a link showing this info? Thank you!
  3. LaurenB89

    Appointment with Dr. Jill Smith - What should I ask?

    Well, I finally said enough is enough. My current doctor was very good about communicating with me (usually replying to an email within 30 minutes) when I was getting prepped for Humira and asking questions. Now that I have asked about going on LDN, I have not heard from her in 24 hours...
  4. LaurenB89

    Humira + imuran or LDN. Concerned about risks

    I was just recently diagnosed with Crohn's in March 2015 after a bout of upper stomach pain. After a scope and MRE, doctors can see that I have some inflammation in my terminal ileum and a small fistula next to it. I also had a nodule of inflammation in my colon. Doctors want me to start...
  5. LaurenB89

    Newly Diagnosed/Doctor said I was an "odd bird"

    Hello. I was recently diagnosed with Crohn's after never having a health problem before in my life. I literally went one day from being "normal" to the next day having crippling upper abdominal pain. This persisted on and off for three months with no other Crohn's symptoms. I finally went to...