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    JAK inhibitors long term efficacy?

    I am starting this new treatment in a few weeks, as soon as I get the vaccines.
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    JAK inhibitors long term efficacy?

    Thank you very much Scipio for your reply. It is good to know that JAKs do not produce antibodies since this is my main concern with this new treatment.
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    JAK inhibitors long term efficacy?

    After failing all the biologics available I am trying JAK inhibitors. I am well aware that those are not as safe as anti-TNFs but it is my last chance to get my disease under control. At least until new drugs appear on the market. I would like to know if these JAK's lose efficacy over time as...
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    Canker sores lasting so long

    Thank you for the info my little penguin. It was my GI who told me that those white patches are canker sores, despite I do not feel any pain. He asked me if they hurt when drinking something cold or hot or even when eating something salty, and he just said that sometimes they do not hurt. So...
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    Canker sores lasting so long

    I have been diagnosed with Crohn's for over 6 years now. I am currently taking Entyvio, previously I did Stelara and Vedo. Well, I started to suffer from throat pain when swallowing several weeks ago. Since then I have also seen very small white patches on the inside on my mouth, on the cheeks...
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    For those who have done EEN, what is your selection of the formula?

    I do not understand why commercial formulas keep using maltodextrine when it may worsen Chron's Disease or, at least, cause several gastrointestinal issues.
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    For those who have done EEN, what is your selection of the formula?

    Basically, my recipe is a mix of: Water + Whey + Dextrose (instead of Maltodextrine) + MCT Oil + Multivitamin Or Milk Shake + Whey + MCT Oil + Multivitamin As I said before, I used to mix it with maltodextrine but that caused me a severe diarrhea and other gastrointestinal issues. This was...
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    For those who have done EEN, what is your selection of the formula?

    Since Maltodextrin causes me diarrhea and it is probably a carbohydrate to avoid for several health issues, I am replacing malto for dextrose, a simple carbohydrate. I do notice that my home made formula is much better tolerated than those commercial products such as fortimel.
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    Liquid stools / diarrhea on EEN - normal?

    "Maltodextrin and gut bacteria. Maltodextrin may affect the balance of bacteria in the gut. Research in its early stages suggests that maltodextrin may reduce the number of good bacteria and increase the harmful bacteria. This can cause damage to the intestine and increase the risk of...
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    Food antigen-induced immune responses in Crohn’s disease patients and experimental colitis

    Is there any reason why sole, being a fish, causes so strong antibody response whereas wheat is so low?. This is very puzzling to me.
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    Aloe Vera Enema

    Hi guys. I have seen a few threads about drinking Aloe Vera juice. The problem of consuming unprocessed juice is that it can cause several side effects such as diarrhea since it contains high amounts of laxatives. However, as I suffer from Chron's Colitis, I have been thinking of trying Alove...
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    Use of elemental diets in the 70s and early 80s.

    @kiny Do you know kiny if the casein that Nestlé is adding to Modulen is just the same than the one that can be bought on any shop? I am pretty satisfied with the whey protein but I was thinking of trying casein instead to see if it also works well.
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    Transforming growth factors and EN.

    @kiny I was doing some testings with EEN mixing some ingredients on my own. I've bought hydrolyzed whey to get protein, now I wonder if there is any difference between isolate and hydrolyzed whey and what is more convenient for our dietary needs.
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    Modulen and diarrhoea

    Hi @asadmom, I would like to know how you solved this issue. I've been doing some testing with ensure and fortimel during last week and I have also suffered from this, although instead of heartburn is more like stomach cramps and daily diarrhea with some urgency. I am quite shocked since I...
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    Unfermented β-fructan Fibers Fuel Inflammation in Select Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients

    @kiny Is there a list with those foods that mostly contain b-fructan fibers? I know a few of them like chicory root, asparagus or garlic, but I would like to know all of them just to make sure I do not include them on my diet. By the way, anyone knows if bananas are also high on b-fructans...
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    For those who have done EEN, what is your selection of the formula?

    Thank you, what about the vitamins? is there a way to avoid overdosing?
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    For those who have done EEN, what is your selection of the formula?

    I am really willing to try this diet finally, since biologics are not being effective with my crohn´s. Could you please tell me what would be the amounts to mix of each ingredient to make a drink?
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    Thinking about Crohn's wrong has set patients back decades

    @kiny what do you think about the fodmap diet? Do you think it could be useful as a sibo diet to help to reduce the bacterial load?
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    Imuran/Azathioprine/6-MP Support Group

    Hi Scipio, may I have a look at those papers? where do I can find that information? It is very important to me since I am just starting to take Aza and I am getting closer to those higher risk ages. Greets.