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  1. Dexky

    Feeling a little vindicated

    My son had scopes today. The preliminary reports (what doc saw, I have learned to be skeptical of this) indicate no upper GI involvement but ongoing "chronic yet not acute" infl in the colon. He started mumbling about this new drug that is similar to pred but is targeted to the colon. He...
  2. Dexky

    Humira and MTX

    My son, 13 has been on Humira for 2 years w/o problems until early this year, he began to have returning symptoms and dose was doubled from 40mg/2 weeks to 40mg/week. He has recently developed antibodies that the doc wants to combat by adding 15 mg oral mtx/week. He also wants him to take 20mg...
  3. Dexky

    Big announcement!!

    Ahem, my ds as you all say walked from the bathroom this morning with a grin on his face. I asked what's up and he said….drumroll please…."I found my first pube"!! Then he added, " I named it Carlos"! Ahahahahahaha!!! 13 years and almost 6 months, he's so proud of his pube:)!!! He's...
  4. Dexky

    Hello from a prodigal son..

    Hello old friends and hopefully some soon to be new friends. First of all, I'm very sorry for my long absence and I can't truly tell you why I felt the need. EJ has had some ups and downs, some bleeding, some talk of weekly humira, a course of pred, some smooth sailing, some more bleeding...
  5. Dexky

    Australian Dream Cream

    I don't have arthritis nor my son who has crohns so this is strictly a second-hand endorsement. There is an older gentleman on my route who suffers with fairly severe arthritis. On a recommendation from his pharma, he tried Australian Dream Cream and he gives it raving reviews. He said the...
  6. Dexky

    Question for Humira Pros

    My son, EJ, started Humira this spring and we have noticed with each dose a little more swelling around the site, a little more redness and a little more itching. The nurse assures us this is all common but it seems to get a little worse each time. Nothing unbearable yet but I'd like to...
  7. Dexky

    Dusty Fan Club!!

    Charter member here!!! Just to show my appreciation for the hard work and time she spends on here on behalf of her own children and all of our children and everyone else on here. Thank you Dusty!!
  8. Dexky

    Finally!!! Humira today!!

    EJ did his loading doses for Humira today!! He had no problems at all. I asked if it hurt and he said the pens don't hurt at all but the med burns. I asked how long and he said 1,2,....10, that long :). So far so good! He's sitting here playing his beloved x-box...all smiles!!!
  9. Dexky

    No News-Good News? I hope...

    Hey all you mothers and we few scattered fathers!!! How are all our young-uns doing? EJ is still going along ok. Still no schedule to start Humira but there seems to be no pain so we're in no hurry!!! Our little corner of the forum has grown cold:(, but if all the kids are feeling good...
  10. Dexky

    Out of Left Field

    Well, our GI actually called today and talked to my wife. We were led to believe that Mehtotrexate would be our next stop, but now he wants to put EJ on Humira!! It seems the biopsies from 2 weeks ago showed more inflammation than the pictures revealed. The liver spec wants to add a...
  11. Dexky

    EJ's Scopes

    EJ's scopes were this morning. Doc says his colon looks better now than the first time. There are a few apthous ulcers on his colon and a little bloody mucous that he thinks may be coming from those. That's all the good news. There does appear to be the beginnings of a vericese in his...
  12. Dexky

    Update on Dusty's Matt

    Hey everyone, I just updated Dusty's thread on Vent Away but in light of how supportive she's been to us all over the last six months, I thought her situation warrants more attention. As most of you know her daughter was dxed on the operating table 4 yrs ago with crohns. Now her son, Matt...
  13. Dexky

    Sticky Crohn's Forum Candle Room

    Will miss you Bev!! Both for your awesome support and your sense of humor. Julie, I'm very sorry for the loss of both your parents! If you still called him Daddy, he was awesome indeed!! Mine will always be daddy to me!!
  14. Dexky

    Asacol Off the market???

    Has anyone heard anything about Asacol being taken off the market? If so why?
  15. Dexky

    Sticky You Are Not A Burden!!!

    Just wanted this to go back to the top of the page!!!
  16. Dexky

    Pus filled bumps on the end and the edges of tongue

    Hi all, EJ has been having small pus filled bumps on the end and the edges of his tongue. I have had these things sparesly over the years but he gets them often, maybe two a week or more. They are more of an irritation than anything but he's really beginning to be upset by them. Just curious...
  17. Dexky

    Sticky You Are Not A Burden!!!

    I vote this for POTW!!! Good one Dusty!!!:)
  18. Dexky

    Why so hard to get dx for crohn's?

    Reading through this forum, there seems to be a common theme; years of undiagnosed suffering. I am curious as to the member's (pro's) thoughts as to why this happens. I think it's because it's chronic and "incurable" so, in the US at least, insurance cos. push back. It's guaranteed to cost...
  19. Dexky

    Occasional blood in diarrhea

    Hi all, for those who don't know me, my 10 yr old son has crohn's. Lately (last couple of months), EJ has been feeling mostly well but will have bloody diarrhea still from time to time. He is currently on 6mp and Asacol. I know it isn't normal but is it "normal" for crohn's? Our GI says...
  20. Dexky

    Lactose intolerance

    lactose intolerance I'm new on here. My 10 yr old son has Crohn's and currently has no problem with lactose intolerance. I'm wondering if other crohnies start out that way and develop intol. later? If it is developed over time, maybe it could be slowed by limiting dairy. He really likes...