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    2 months on prednisone and no weight gain side effects?

    I've been 2 months on prednisone starting at 40mg and now I'm down to 25mg but I haven't gained weight, in fact I've maintained and I'm consuming 2,500-3,000 calories daily from nutritional shakes. Is prednisone different for others? People often say they gain a lot of weight from the prednisone...
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    Enteral feeding for almost 2 months, why am I so hungry lately? Help?

    Last month I was admitted for an obstruction in my small bowel and I was put on a strict boost only diet for 6 weeks along with prednisone and I'll possibly need surgery when I'm better. I haven't had a check up since I was admitted, but I'm not having bloody stools or diarrhea anymore, just...
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    Am I alone in this? Strict liquid diet only

    I was diagnosed with crohns disease last year in May and I was on remicade, but because insurance issues I went 7 months without treatment. Recently I was admitted and it turns out I'll need surgery but first I'll need to stick to a liquid diet. They have me on a strict boost only diet for 3-6...