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  1. Farmwife

    Kids to adults …medical history

    This is such a good reminder. I definitely need to get on top of this before Grace leaves for college in a couple years. 🤦‍♀️ A nurse asked Grace about her g-tube placement and she replied that she's not sure, she's always had it. 🙄 Another time a nurse asked about past meds, (my almost) 14 year...
  2. Farmwife

    Sibling being evaluated

    I'm sorry to hear about all the ups and downs still. 🥺 Grace tried Stelara and that might be a good fit for your kiddo. I can't believe how old the kids are getting.
  3. Farmwife

    🤦‍♀️ Calling all moms with daughters. 🙄It's finally happened.

    Thanks for the advice everyone. 😘 Grace had trailed NSAIDS 3 times. Within the second dose, she cramps. She's also tried different anti cramping meds but nothing really seems to help. We'll see how her next cycle goes. She's off of prednisone. Hopefully it will help her mood. 🙄 I hoping she...
  4. Farmwife

    School or college reopening Fall 2020 immunosupressed

    My hubby works a local college. They're still debating.🤷‍♀️ Sounds like they're going to do a combination of things. Still waiting finally verdict. My eldest niece goes to a major university and she still waiting to hear what's happening.
  5. Farmwife

    🤦‍♀️ Calling all moms with daughters. 🙄It's finally happened.

    Thanks my little penguin.❤ Sadly that's the case for Grace. Her doc said she calls it the 1/3 law of auto-immune disease for kids during puberty. 1/3 gets better 1/3 stays the same 1/3 gets worse 🤷‍♀️Guess what Grace fits into. Change of meds will probably be happening soon
  6. Farmwife

    Parent of newly diagnosed kid

    I hope your poor boy gets better soon. It can be so complicated with multiple diagnoses. Hugs
  7. Farmwife

    🤦‍♀️ Calling all moms with daughters. 🙄It's finally happened.

    It's been awhile for me on this forum. But......🙋‍♀️ hello. My little farmgirl is 11.5 years old. We started this journey when she was 2. She was dx at 3 with a subtype of crohn's. Since then she's added more diagnoses but she's amazing and an inspiration to many. But...... please don't...
  8. Farmwife

    Much Ado About Nothing! eh!

    OMW....... I can't believe this post is still going. That's fantastic!🤣 I'm trying to read up on everyone I remember. I'm older now so my memory is even worse. Hugs to the ones that are the "long timers" And hugs to the new comers.
  9. Farmwife

    Heard from Doc today

    Hey, old forum friend. I've read a bit but not all. I'm so happy to see your still a great mom. I'll be praying for directions for y'all.
  10. Farmwife

    Stelara and Farmgirl

    I just got word today that insurance approved for Stelara. :ywow: yup, shocked it wasn't more of a fight with insurance. However, I'm thankful.:kiss: The specialty pharmacy called to start the process of delivery. However with humira I was shown how to give the shot. Is Stelara the same...
  11. Farmwife

    Next Step for Little Farm Girl

    😢 Grace reacted to Remicade again. They gave her a bunch of steroids, Benadryl and such. Tried again and same symptoms came back. The Rheumatologist told us he'd pull it next time it happened but we'll get the new game plan tomorrow. She only got a quarter of her Remicade, So hopefully...
  12. Farmwife

    Chest Pains as a Reaction to Remicade?

    Can just chest pains be a reaction to Remicade? No breathing issues or anything else.
  13. Farmwife

    First Neurologist Appointment!

    Little Farmgirl will be going to see a neurologist for the first time for daily headaches. It's going on 6 months and a few medicines but still no relief. What should I expect from the visit? Is there anything I could do ahead of time to prepare? Thanks:dusty:
  14. Farmwife

    Cold, Flu's, Oh My!

    It's coming! That season of illnesses. :sign0085: My Grace just got her labs back and her white blood cell count (wbc) is the lowest its ever been and her lymphocytes are also very low. Her nurse warned us to do what we can to keep her healthy. I know washing hands and such are important...
  15. Farmwife

    Happy Mother's Day 2017 USA

    I hope all you mom's, grandma and caretakers have a great mother's day And are treated like the Queens you are!:thumleft: What's the best mother's day gift you've received and or The best memories?
  16. Farmwife

    Heart and GI

    Here's a question. :yfaint: My Farmgirl is seeing a pediatric heart doc for the first time tomorrow. I'm filling out her questioner. There is a section asking about gi issues in great detail. They even ask where the disease is located and on and on. Is there a link between bowel disease...
  17. Farmwife

    Another year older and a new Dx.

    My Grace turned 8.:sign0085: She wanted her favorite Mexican restaurant, so she could order chicken nuggets. :ylol: It was a good family party. Everyone bought her some kind of art kit. The next day I found glitter glue stuck on my rear.:yfrown: Looked like I squashed tinker bell. :ylol...
  18. Farmwife

    Chronic Headaches

    Do any of you or your children deal with headaches? Grace is going on many weeks of low grade headaches. She says it's behind her eyes. She's already on allergy meds and does not have sinus issues. Her eye sight is fine also. She likes it dark sometimes. She's still dealing with a gi...
  19. Farmwife

    Merry Christmas 2016

    Merry Christmas to all the Crohn’s Family. May your holiday be filled with much love and good memories. From Farmwife and my little Farmgirl. :kiss: Any plans or traditions please feel free to share.