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    Male new to Possible Crohns (anal fistula advice)

    I’m not diagnosed, I’ve kept IBS in mind and have very carefully watched my words, too. I said “lump around anus” and kid you not, the docs think I have hemorrhoids each time. I joke about it too with my doc “god, please let them be hemorrhoids, then those can be treated”. And to this day, I...
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    Lump next to seton

    Just in my humble opinion, I’d question the scientific evidence on zits baths. They help hemorrhoids (pain, spasms) everything else is questionable in my eyes. Key is to keep clean, shower is suffice and dry. In my opinion lump could be abscess, if pain and discomfort or infection symptoms -...
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    How long did you wait for GI referral?

    That does not sound right, MC is IBD? If slides show that. Borderline results could be IBS or non-active IBD disease, that's why scope + biopsy comes hand and hand. You might want to look at the GI Profile from Genova Diagnostics, IBS+IBD stool profile. Great for knowing if you need diet...
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    How long did you wait for GI referral?

    Very true, self pay get's you very far. When you have insurance, you deal with bureaucracy time waits and denials.
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    How long did you wait for GI referral?

    I'd call to figure out the referral status, maybe they have missing information ?
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    How long did you wait for GI referral?

    7 Months. In USA, I kept getting told by every other provider I ran across to see a GI and get a scope. Symptoms of diarrhea "flares", inflammation and septic anal abscess. It took about 4 months to get into a GI... My C&R knew the waitlist was long and referred me to a colonoscopy back in June...
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    My Novel, Pain in My 🍑

    Clearly, I'm undiagnosed, which might be a good. I'm a 28-year-old male. And my health has been on my mind recently. I'm gay, so when my 🍑 is in danger, I must do what I can to save it. For my level of concern, I've decided to write a novel about my hairy 🍑... totally not NSFW. All my life I...
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    Male new to Possible Crohns (anal fistula advice)

    Not diagnosed w chrons, but I’m building an interesting case. Had what I thought was hemorrhoids in January for a painful week, May they thought it was a “Pilonidal cyst”, week later CT scan said it was an “abscess” that communicated deeply. I jumped the boat and lucked out and got the...
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    Any calprotectin collection advice ? For undiag

    I just need some suggestions for the calprotectin test, collection specifically. I’m undiagnosed. At $150-250 a pop, need to make sure I do it right. Will help me find reassurance first test was at 6 mcg/g, but keep in mind I’m questioning collection. I was in water diarrhea phase and gave a...