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    Parents of Adult Children with IBD Support Group

    I am starting this support group and hope you will join me if you are the parent of an adullt child who has IBD. We are the parents of an adult who we have been caregivers for. Anyone out there experiencing a situation like ours. We can use and share some support for our journeys.
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    Filing for disability

    Can anyone help me figure out what I need to know about helping my son, age 25, file for disability without using an attorney. Are there any keys when filing to make it more likely to be accepted?
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    My brother knows a doctor who swears that if you don't eat sugar your Crohn's will get better. Anyone have any experience with that one way or the other?
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    Downside to Disability?

    I have 25 year old son can't work and dropped out of school due to pain with Crohn's. He's on Remicade and no sign of active Crohn's but continuing in pain. He could try for SSI (Disability). Hasn't worked enough to qualify for SSD. Does anyone know the pros for filing for SSI and any cons? Does...
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    Continuing Pain with Crohns

    I am parent of 25 year old diagnosed with Crohn's almost two years ago. He takes Remicade and doctors see no sign of active disease upon extensive testing. However, our son continues in constant stomach pain (where Crohn's was the worst when it was first diagnosed) and suffering with constant...