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  1. acemagic

    Looking for tips on obstructions

    Awesome, thank you for that!
  2. acemagic

    Looking for tips on obstructions

    Can you tell me more what you mean about calprotectin levels? What are they, and how do you manage them?
  3. acemagic

    Looking for tips on obstructions

    Kannassee! Thanks so much for the quick response! You hit the nail on the head with your description of an obstruction. I couldn't have put it better myself. I definitely underplayed the severity of them by calling them "little devils" :LOL: Your description almost made me have another one, it...
  4. acemagic

    Looking for tips on obstructions

    Hey all, It's been a few years since I've stepped on this board, so hello again! I'm a very long time sufferer of Crohns (going on 22 years) and although my day to day is "normal" by my standards (I still have liquid stools 5-6 times a day), my pain is generally under control. I'm on Simponi...
  5. acemagic

    Bowel obstructions and how to resolve them

    Hi guys, As a long time sufferer of Crohn's disease and lucky recipient of 6 bowel resections, I'm no stranger to partial bowel obstructions caused by a buildup of scar tissue. I've been having this problem for about 6 years now and have been hospitalized no less than 30 times because of it. I...
  6. acemagic

    "Shown significant improvement"

    Hey all! For the very first time in my 17 year history of Crohn's, my colonoscopy this past weekend came back with the comment "Shown significant improvement" since the last scope 1 year ago. :dusty: I'm so excited. It might mean nothing at all, but I'm going to hope it means that the...
  7. acemagic

    Started LDN yesterday!

    Hey all, After all the hoops I had to go through with my GI, it was finally my GP who listened to me and prescribed me a 3 months initial trial of LDN :) I started it last night and had some crazy dreams about zombies, but it wasn't super scary. This, combined with sticking to a strict no...
  8. acemagic

    My farts make me want to kill myself

    Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but OMG, they're terrible. I just got a new job in an office with a bunch of people and I had to tell my HR rep that I would prefer a desk away from everyone else because of the potency of my farts. Most embarrassing moment EVER. That being said, people are...
  9. acemagic

    Humira vs LDN: A GI vs a naturopath

    Hey everyone, I'm faced with a really tough decision and wanted to call on you guys for some help to see what I should do. Firstly, a very brief history: Diagnosed with Crohn's at 17 years of age in 1998 1998: Went on prednisone briefly 1999: Went on 6-MP/Imuran which gave me terrible bruising...
  10. acemagic

    This is how I'm going to put my Crohn's into remission

    Day 33 on Paleo, 126 lbs: Well, it's been a full month! Here's the recap: I'm feeling pretty good. I haven't had any cramps since I reported them last, which hopefully means my innards are healing up. I'm still significantly underweight, but I'm hoping that clears up too. I know it's a long...
  11. acemagic

    This is how I'm going to put my Crohn's into remission

    Hey guys, I've taken about an hour to write the following information out to you. I want it to be super concise, but easy to read. I hope you can get through it all because I think it will be important for everyone on this site. Over the last 3 weeks, I have read almost every posting on this...
  12. acemagic

    Weight gain on a Paleo diet

    Hey guys, I've just got out of my 3rd resection and have decided enough is enough. I'm going to a Paleo diet and keeping my fingers crossed that it helps me. The only problem is that I now weigh 120lbs at 5'9, 31 years old. I'm dangerously underweight. Everything I read on Paleo is that it...
  13. acemagic


    Hey everyone, Long time reader, first time poster, Adam here. I wanted to say hello and tell you a bit about myself. I'm 30 years old and was diagnosed with Crohn's at age 17. Between ages 17 and 20, I went through every medication available and have had negative reactions to most of them...