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    Humira and pregnancy

    I am going to be starting Humira soon and would also like to start a family in the next few years. I am hoping that the Humira starts to help my fistulizing crohns that has recently become more of a problem. I tend to lean to the more alternative treatments but I have realized that a biologic...
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    Starting humira but need LTB treatment first

    I am going to be starting humira asap but I recently found out that I have latent TB. I need to treat the ltb before i start the humira. has anyone had any experience with this? I have heard that you have to take meds for at least two months to treat the LTB before starting the humira. I...
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    Old fistula. is there any chance for healing?

    I had an abscess 10 years ago that turned into a fistula post drainage. I have talked to a few drs about closing it up and they all agree that a surgical approach would be too risky for incontinence. Which I would like to avoid. I have very little pain from it but it is constantly draining...
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    New to forum. glad to find a new resource.

    Just wanted to start off by saying that I am grateful for this forum. So much information and so many different stories. A little about me. I was dx in 1996 with crohns disease. I was on a variety of medication which didnt seem to help until my first sm bowel resectioning in 1998. Dr ended...
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    Old chronic fistula and possible new one

    This is my first post. I have appreciated all of the information on this forum. It is such an important resource. A little history on me: I was dx in 96 with crohns. first surgery was in 99- sm bowel resection. things were relatively calm for the next 5-6 years, a little pain here and there...