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    Thanksgiving turkey!?

    Anyone worried about all the salmonella business that's coming out with turkey? I tend to be pretty paranoid about this stuff, but just wanted to see if anyone else is considering skipping the turkey this year.
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    HGH - Anyone have any experience with it?

    Hi all! I'm 19 4'7'' and my endocrinologist just put me on HGH - Norditropin specifically. He put me on it for my short stature in hope that I'm going to grow because my bone age is still in a range that is acceptable. I am also on testosterone to get my puberty starting. My question is if...
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    Zometa for osteoporosis?! Need advice!!!

    I have been diagnosed with pretty bad osteoporosis after having 2 spinal compression fractures I am in very bad pain and the doctor I went to has said fore to take zometa. I am just wondering if anyone else has ever taken this drug or drugs like this and what was your experience? I'm in pain all...
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    Oxycodone and codeine helping my stomach?

    I was recently given codeine and then switched to oxycodone for pain associated with the compression fractures I have (lovely prednisone) an i realize that when I take it it calms my stomach and I go to the bathroom less and eat more! I start to feel my symptoms again when it's almost time for...
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    NG Tube Support Group

    Tubes: NG, NJ , G and Mickey Button Support Group This is a open forum for people who are using or know of someone using any type of feeding tube for Crohn's or Colitis!:poo:
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    Vertebrae Fractures?!?!

    Hi everyone, I'm a 17 year old male with Moderate to sever crohn's colitis and have been getting intense back pain and was rushed to the hospital! thought i had another kidney stone but only to find out I DO have a kidney stone floating in my kidney but that was not the problem! I have 2...
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    Ng tube tomorrow!!

    Doctors gave me two options surgery or ng tube I took ng tube cause surgery is very scary and dangerous. I just wanted to hear people's experiences putting in ng tubes and if it helped or not and which formula did they use with you. I am nervous and this is very helpful thank you all :ybiggrin:
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    Best Time To Take Prednisolone?

    I have been on prednisolone for about 2 months started at 20mg went up to 30mg have been on 30 for about 1 to 1/2 months. It bothers my stomach so doctor told me to split into 2 doses. Does the time I take the doses matter? and the time between them matter? I usually take my first dose around 10...