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  1. jacinthebox

    Bloody Bowel Discussion!

    Okay so here's my little update story! Basically Im a couple months post-op from my second ileocolic resection, and so before I was even admitted and realized I was having problems again I was constantly having diarrhea. I hadn't had a solid bowel movement for months. So fast forward to after...
  2. jacinthebox

    22 year old w/ joint pain & fatigue (Crohns)

    So just a bit of background; my name is Jessica and I have Crohns, I work a full time fast food job, currently about 2 months post op and still in a flare. On top of trying to manage the disease itself and re navigate my diet once again, I've also been having a lot more joint pain and just...
  3. jacinthebox

    Crohn’s flare & discovery of an abscess

    Crohn’s flare & discovery of an abscess So I have been having some minor pains I figured were related to my Crohn’s and finally hotness my appointments sorted and was able to find out some stuff. Basically my stomach has been slightly bloating anytime I eat full portions and on a couple...
  4. jacinthebox

    New Member Here

    Well hello, my name is jess, from Grand Rapids Michigan, I was diagnosed when I was 11, I was on medications for most of my childhood until I graduated and unfortunately just kept putting off getting into an adult GI doctor and so pretty much just quit all my medications once I ran out of...