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    ANA blood test positive

    I've been on Remicade for roughly 2.5 years. Since my doctor upped my dose from 400mg to 600mg and 8w to 6w I've had bad reactions for first 2 weeks following each infusion(bone/Muscle pain, fatigue etc). My doctor just called saying my ANA blood test came back positive and I'm being sent to a...
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    Remicade pain and area swelling in ribs

    My doc upped my remicade 2 weeks ago to 600mg from 400mg after about 5 days I started to get really bad bone pain in my back/ribs/jaw/shins etc and I noticed a swelling fatty mass on the upper left ribcage just below my breast any thoughts or insight?? I had bloodwork and chest X-ray and...
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    My GI doc has me on 50mg daily of imuran and 400mg remicade every 8 weeks. I'm 23 weeks pregnant so far feeling good. Today was the second comment from an OB Doctor telling me he can't believe I'm still taking imuran while pregnant. I'm already scared. Hearing 2 obs say this doesn't help ease my...