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    Advice for teen with delayed menarche

    We have a teen member who has posted about delayed menarche here and I'm sure that there are moms of teen and pre-teen girls with Crohn's in the parents forum who will have valuable input. Thanks for your help! http://www.crohnsforum.com/showthread.php?p=879737&posted=1#post879737
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    11.9 million stem cells collected today!!!

    Just a little victory I wanted to share :) Today I had my stem cell harvest for my upcoming autologous stem cell transplant for Crohn's and despite my low white cell count, troublesome low blood pressure and tricky veins, we managed (thanks to my happily stellar proportion of stem cells) to...
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    CCFA Nutrition Survey - 1 in 5 wins Amazon gift certificate

    The CCFA are asking IBD patients to complete this survey on nutrition. It's quick and easy and they say every 5th person to complete it gets a $15 Amazon voucher. Some of us could actually get something good from having this disease :ylol: Here's the link: https://sri.cornell.edu/ccfa/patient/
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    Information Pack on Anti-MAP Antiobiotic Therapy for Crohn's

    Information Pack on Anti-MAP Antibiotic Therapy for Crohn's There's a pdf file of information including the most important recently published scientific papers on anti-MAP antibiotic therapy as a treatment for Crohn's put together by CrohnsMAPvaccine.com...
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    Colorectal surgeons in Salt Lake

    Does anyone have any recommendations for colorectal surgeons in Salt Lake City? If you could share your experience of them including what surgeries they have performed for you, anything like that, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!
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    Stage 4 Hemorrhoid Experiences Please!

    Even though I've had severe Crohn's for 17 years now this is my first, or at least by far the worst, stage 4 hemorrhoid. Needless to say it is large and PAINFUL. I would love to hear others' experiences - whatever treatments, surgical, non-surgical, successful, unsuccessful, any and all, you...