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  1. tek254

    Not Crohn's nor UC

    Hello one and all, I am in a diificult situation and wanted to know if anyone else has been down this road. I was diagnosed with Crohn's , namely in the terminal ileum seven years ago. Routine meds prescribed including biologics. However, 2 surgeries later (one resection, one open right...
  2. tek254

    Endoscopic injection therapy

    Hello everyone. Question- has anyone heard of or received endoscopic injection therapy? I go for a small bowel series tomorrow and depending on findings, Gi said if strictures have returned, he was considering injecting steroids directly into strictures. He dd not give the above definition but...
  3. tek254

    Post EBD discomfort

    Hi all. Happy New Year. I had an EBD (endoscopic balloon dilation) done earlier this week and now my abdomen feels as if its 3 times enlarged as well as feels like I ate back to back thanksgiving day meals. Ugh. Anyone else had similar results ?
  4. tek254

    Post surgery question

    Greetings one and all. I haven't been on in a while but I was looking for information. I had my first resection (had my cherry popped) in February of this year. Only had small section of ileum removed,12 inches plus had remaining section straightened out due to kinks and twist. Follow up to this...
  5. tek254

    Shoulder pain

    I have a bowel resection Monday the 16th. Was discharged yesterday, Friday. Since waking up Monday after surgery, i have been experiencing pain in both shoulders, always alternating. I was told by surgeon that this may be a result of CO2 used during surgery. Has anyone experienced this? Not...
  6. tek254

    Know when its time for injection

    Hi all. Silly question but I would love to hear others thoughts on this. I can sense/feel when I am due for my bi-weekly injections of Humira. I can feel it in my stomach as well as other extra internal manifestations. Nothing serious or problematic. I just know that I am 1-2 days away from...
  7. tek254

    Second bowel obstruction

    Hi all. Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings. Just busted out of the joint(hospital) yesterday after 4 day stay of my second bowel obstruction, first one was two years ago. Anywho, after reading my discharge instructions and findings, I saw where the CT and fluroscope revealed" intussusception...
  8. tek254

    Dinosaur Kale

    hey all. I am looking for reviews on dinosaur kale. I am told it is not as strong in odor or taste when compared to regular Kale. Problem is it is hard to find. Would like to hear other Crohnies reviews before ordering. Thanks.
  9. tek254

    Exercise Ball for AS

    Hi ho everyone. As a sufferer of old man Crohns as well as AS, I have begun a somewhat serious attempt at exercise (until I get bored) and was told by RA doctor that a exercise ball is a great tool. Has anyone used one? IF so, how do I determine which one to buy? Thanks everyone. On the plus...
  10. tek254

    Crohns and IBD in southern states

    Was reading this latest news topic that dealt with women living in southern states as well as similar locations in Europe. It shows a decrease in cases, especially in women > age 30. They attribute this to more sunlight and UV radiation exposure. Was wondering if anyone here lives in these...
  11. tek254

    Decreased H&H

    Hello all, I am a fellow Chroner who has been dealing with the diasease since July this year. Dx was in terminal ilieum and am now taking 6mp. After my last blood draw(done monthly), my H&H is decreased (around 12.6). I have no manifistations signifying bleeding, but my RA doc feels that this...
  12. tek254

    Ankylosing spondylitis

    Was at er last night with severe back pain along spine as well as nausea and migraine for three days, no relief with anything. Eventually premiliminary DX of beginning stage of Ankylosing spondylitis or Bamboo spine (form of RA). Anyone familair with this gem? Read where having IBD (CROHNS in...
  13. tek254

    Sticky Medical Marijuana for Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

    With so many states either approving the use of or considering approving the use of Medical Marijuana, you would think the Fed's would seriously consider allowing this on a national level. I do not take this nut have a friend who does. He has Crohns/ Colitis and he does seem to be better on it...
  14. tek254

    6 mp

    Hello all. I haven't been on in a while. Last few weeks have been producing flares, nothing severe, but none the less, agitating. After talking to my GI he prescribed 6- Mercaptopurine or 6-MP as it is more commingling known. I have the dx of Crohns in the terminal Ileum. I was wondering if...
  15. tek254


    Heres a weird one, at least for me. Started today. "Palpations" in my upper abdomen, below my sternum. Does not correspond with my pulse, very little abdominal pain. Any one else ever have this?
  16. tek254

    Lifeway Kefir Probiotic blend smoothie

    Hi peeps. Searched the threads and couldn't locate any info on this drink. Its called Lifeway Kefir Prbiotics Smoothie. http://lifeway.net/Products/OrganicKefir/LowFatKefir/LowFatBlueberry.aspx I bought one the other day for a supplement to energy drink and can say I feel fine on it. Any...
  17. tek254

    Increase energy for work

    Hello everyone. I was diagnosed last week with Crohns and have been experiencing the normal effects. Heres my dilemma, in addition to the many already on hand. I am a career firefighter and do not really know how this is going to interfere with my job. Bathroom breaks are one thing, but trying...
  18. tek254

    Punch in the Gut

    :yrolleyes:Hello everyone. First I want to say that I was thrilled to find a forum that 1) supports Crohn's Disease patients, 2) doesn't look like it was made in 10 minutes in a off shore basement, 3) and encourages everyone to take it one day at a time. Allow me to introduce myself (play...