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  1. Jenn

    EGD+C, difficult insurance

    Hi, My son goes in for a checkup EGD (maybe) and colonoscopy tomorrow. I would appreciate your good thoughts for us. His Humira levels have been lower than target (6/8) the last six months or so, but no antibodies. Despite 5+ years successfully on Humira, he is in puberty, so it's a roller...
  2. Jenn


    I enjoy seeing professional athletes raise awareness of IBD and be a role model for kids. Like Diekman's Gut It Out shirts earlier this year. Just saw this article about NBA Laker Larry Nance Jr...
  3. Jenn

    Combination therapy

    Checkup yesterday and doc says latest research is that combination therapy is better. My son is doing fine on Humira alone, 3 years now (with 1 year of combo 6mp) but wants to add oral methotrexate. It will improve efficacy of and the long-term viability of Humira, reducing liklihood of...
  4. Jenn

    CCFA and Camp Oasis

    - sorry, this is really only for United States parents, but I am curious about what support other country organizations offer - Hi fellow parents! My son recently returned from another amazing trip to CCFA's Camp Oasis. I can't say enough good things about the life-changing effect it has on...
  5. Jenn

    Overnight grade school field trip

    Hi all, Would like your opinions/experience on overnight school field trips for the younger ones. This one is for one night on a (docked) working sea ship. My son is 10. I'm not worried about handling/skipping medications for just one night. At first I thought, no big deal, but then started...
  6. Jenn

    Low protein

    Hi, Alex did bloodwork yesterday so my heart skipped a beat when I picked up the phone to hear his GI already looking at the results this morning, it can't be good for a personal call and so fast?!? Well, SED is lowest ever, at 2, vs. 30 last Jan before starting so Humira, so yay! But, his...
  7. Jenn

    Recycle coolers?

    recycle coolers? Hi, Anyone else getting the small styrofoam coolers from a mail order pharmacy to keep your Humira dose cold on receipt? I checked with the pharmacy about returning to reuse and recycle them, but they said "dispose of them however you want". Well, I WANT to have them be...
  8. Jenn


    yay! Just heard from the nurse that Alex's bloodwork shows a drop in SED rate from 36 to 6. Yay! He's had the two loading doses of Humira and we learn how to give him the maintenance syringe dose on Monday <gulp>. He's gained back 4 lbs in about 3 weeks too. whew.... for the moment anyway!
  9. Jenn

    New Year

    Happy New Year! Hope everyone has a good and easy year. I myself don't feel much like celebrating tonight, why is there so much pressure to? :) My son Alex turned 10 before Christmas and he's doing well on Remicade, now 7 months in. Grown an inch, but weight stalled out. Right now he's either...
  10. Jenn

    Intro, son with Crohn's

    Hello, I'm so grateful for this support forum! I joined a few months ago and have been reading off and on and wanted to post our personal story as introduction. My son Alex was diagnosed at age 8 with Crohn's disease just one year ago. He was mostly symptomless, but in hindsight it's clear...