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  1. durwardian

    Interesting TNF data from testing on rats

    Tumor Necrosis Factor Suppresses NR5A2 Activity and Intestinal Glucocorticoid Synthesis to Sustain Chronic Colitis http://stke.sciencemag.org/cgi/content/abstract/sigtrans;7/314/ra20
  2. durwardian

    Has this disease changed your sex life?

    I was wondering how many of you have had to change your sexual preferences due to the disease progression, and what you changed? I have become more and more an active top. It isn't my preference, but it is easier than trying to figure out if I will have a good day or bad day.
  3. durwardian

    Immune Globulin Deficient Support Group

    Welcome to the immune deficiency support group. I searched and only found the medicine portion, but not what I was hoping for. After 10 years of taking medicines and being treated for Crohn's, multiple surgeries, and suffering, I caught a nasty cold. I was suddenly free of my symptoms and...
  4. durwardian

    Magic Period of Exercise?

    Has anyone else noticed that there is a specific amount of movement and exercise that does you wonders and can be built on, but that there is some invisible line that you sometimes cross, the one that sets you back 10 paces and ruins your progress for days? I know I've done that when I get...
  5. durwardian

    Bee Pollen Anyone?

    Have any of you tried bee pollen, royal jellly? Is it an energy burst, noticed nothing? How long did you try it? What other energy sources have you tried?
  6. durwardian

    Don't ignore your symptoms

    I have an IgA deficiency, so one of my immune systems is weak. Over the last 10 years i was checked for Crohn's and other IBD's. I have had fistula's, lesions, and a lot of other very similar problems. Multiple surgeries have failed to fix the issues. Lately I thought my back was sore from...
  7. durwardian

    Introducing Myself

    Hello, my name is David, I've been fighting for 10 years to get my issues under control, keep working, and keep my health and weight up. I'm now 52 and I've reached the life-threatening levels requiring some serious surgeries, a stoma, bone removal, and other serious and permanent damage.