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  1. DCCrohns

    Have You Had Martius Flap Surgery for RVF?

    Anyone here had successful (or unsuccessful) Martius flap surgery to repair a rectovaginal fistula? If so, what was your experience -- surgery, recovery and results?
  2. DCCrohns

    Stem Cell Therapy

    I know it's a long-shot, but has anyone participated in a trial to treat their fistula(s) using mesenchymal stem cells (i.e., those harvested from you)? I've tried it all and am about to start a clinical trial at Mayo using a MSC-coated fistula plug in hopes that it helps me with my RVF...
  3. DCCrohns

    Ileo -> Proctectomy/Colostomy or Turnbull-Cutait Procedure...Anyone Have Experience?

    After years of failing to get closure (medically and surgically) for recurring fistulas, I am exploring additional medical and surgical options. I currently have a temporary ileostomy and don't want to give up and go to a permanent proctectomy and colostomy (but realize that may be the end...
  4. DCCrohns

    Anyone on 80mg of Humira/week?

    After being on Humira for several years (as well as multiple surgeries for my fistulating Crohn's), my levels are not where they should be. I have just started with a newly increased dose (was 40mg/week and now I'm going to 80mg/week). Luckily I haven't developed antibodies, but I'm wondering...
  5. DCCrohns

    Fistula Repair with Gracilis Muscle - One Week Out

    Anyone here recently had fistula surgery utilizing gracious muscle? I had a temporary loop ileostomy back in July (http://www.crohnsforum.com/showthread.php?p=946570#post946570), and I am eight days out from gracilis surgery. This one is a different type of rough but I am so happy to have the...
  6. DCCrohns

    Next Stop: Ileostomy

    Hi All, Been a while since I've been on the forum, but I am about to embark on the first of three surgeries to help address my fistulating Crohn's. After a failed advancement flap procedure to address my large (and in charge) anal fistula, I decided to move forward with a temporary Ileostomy...
  7. DCCrohns

    Advancement Flap Surgery with Temp Ostomy

    I'm contemplating trying another procedure to heal a sizable fistula I have. I previously had an advancement flap procedure, but it failed. Currently, I am considering advancement flap surgery (this time with muscle tissue) paired with a temporary ostomy to up my chances of success. Anyone...
  8. DCCrohns

    BM Challenges: What Works for You?

    Hi All, I'm currently six weeks out from advancement flap surgery, aiming to finally get rid of fistulas that have become more than just a pain in the butt. While I'm on Humira and Lialda currently, my ongoing challenge is solid, formed BMs. My doctors want me to aim for constipation but I'm...
  9. DCCrohns

    Fistula Surgery with Borrowed Tissue/Muscle

    Wondering if anyone has had an attempt to close a fistula with their own tissue/muscle... I have had a few surgeries to get rid of two fistulas, with one that is almost large enough for the surgeon to put their finger through (and a real treat for me). Due to the placement, muscle structures...