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    Can you fly after a scope

    You should be ok as far as the scoping goes. I'd be more concerned about flying during peak flu season.
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    I've been on Humira a little over a year. So far, it's been maintaining my remission well and I have no complaints. Don't expect instant relief. It took a couple of months for Humira to fully work for me. According to the Humira nurse, that's fairly common. Make sure your doctor specifies the...
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    Can my supervisor do this ?

    Do you live in the US? Have you made it known that you have a disability that requires you to have access to a restroom? If the answer to these is "yes", what she is doing is illegal. I would talk to her first. If that doesn't get anywhere, go to her supervisor.
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    Could this be described as a flair...?

    +1 on getting tested for vitamin deficiencies. Come to find out, I had two (D and B12, which is common in people with Crohn's). A monthly B12 shot and a prescription Vitamin D supplement has worked wonders in the fatigue department.
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    Corona Virus

    I forgot to add one more thing: don't plan on making a trip to China anytime soon and don't have close contact with anyone who has traveled there recently.
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    What does your Crohn’s pain feel like?

    During a flare, it's always in the lower right quadrant and usually manifests as a constant dull pain with tenderness.
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    Question about crohns and fatigue

    Fatigue was always a problem for me. I've been taking B12 shots for a little over a year and they've been a big help. Also, have your doctor check your Vitamin D levels. Mine were low, so I was given a prescription Vitamin D supplement.
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    Corona Virus

    I'm watching it, but not overly concerned. Much the same way I monitor flu reports during the fall and winter. I can't take a flu shot, so I take as many precautions as I can. I wash my hands many times a day and try to avoid being in close contact with people as much as possible.
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    Have you told at work about your health problems?

    I maintain FMLA paperwork on file with my employer. So far, there haven't been any serious issues with them.
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    Acid Reflux, Gerd, and Ranitidine

    Carafate liquid works best for me. It's an old medication, but still one of the best in my opinion.
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    Starting Humira

    I've been on Humira for about a year now. One piece of advice I can give is to be patient and give it time. It took several weeks for me to start feeling the effects, but I'm now in complete remission. I was more than skeptical when I started. Also, make sure you get the citrate free. The one...
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    Can't stop BELCHING

    It sounds like you are having issues with reflux. I've had it for years and it tends to come and go. I was on omeprazole for a while and it didn't help me much. There was a lot of trial and error with meds for this, but what finally helped me was carafate in liquid form.
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    Crohn’s in small bowel

    Though I am thankfully in remission right now, mine is in the ileum, cecum, and small bowel. I've been on Humira for almost a year and luckily I haven't shown any adverse reaction to it yet. It's been a lifesaver. Entocort or any other corticosteroid was never intended to be a long term...
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    Flare after 6 month of succes with Humira, what's the next step?

    Sorry to hear the Humira doesn't seem to be working any more. Crazy question - have you had any tests done to confirm it is a Crohn's flare? The reason I ask is because we are conditioned to think it's our Crohn's acting up when it could be something else simply because it's been the usual...
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    First Humira doses today!

    I have to admit, I was more than skeptical about Humira. Now I'm a believer. It took close to 6 months to get to remission, but it was worth it. You'll get used to the injections. The citrate free doesn't burn near as bad. Just make sure to use an alcohol pad to clean the area prior to...
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    Crohns disease in my gum

    +1 on the salt water rinse. I've had bleeding gums and abscesses with past flare-ups. The strange thing was, they usually happened a week or two before the flare would hit with a vengeance.
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    Best IBD Centre in US--Your Recommendation for Young Adults

    While it's natural to want to go to the best treatment facility, one thing my Crohn's diagnosis has taught me is there is a lot of trial and error and no two people have identical responses to treatment. Also, one week isn't likely going to be enough time to get a definite diagnosis, let alone...
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    So completely annoyed with my GI!

    It really helps to have a good general practitioner as a backup. I'm fortunate that mine has gotten me over a few rough spots while waiting to see the GI.
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    Does anybody else with Crohn's or UC suffer from long bouts of insomnia (as in days or weeks at a time)? If so, how do you treat it? I feel like I've tried everything - melatonin, doxylamine succinate, valerian root, chamomile, Lunesta, Belsomra, and Ambien just to name a few. The only one...
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    15+ years to get a diagnosis and frustrated!

    Hello all, I've been experiencing all the symptoms of Crohn's for over 15 years, only to finally get the diagnosis this Spring at age 37. My symptoms in this time have included: - uncontrollable diarrhea and bloating - sharp pain in the lower right quadrant and above the navel - extreme...