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    Question for Soup Dragon

    Or anyone come to think off it. I have been allowed to eat now for 2 weeks since being on Modulen. I am feeling absolutely fine (although hungover after a wedding yesterday) but I don't really have an appetite for food. I am going dairy and gluten free and just having a main meal in the evening...
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    First Remission Since 2003!

    Well I never thought I would see the day. I saw my doctor today and he said the magic "R" word! I had an MRI Scan and all the fistulas in the colon have healed, th inflammation has gone and so has the narrowing. And to make things even better there is no sign of the crohns in the small...
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    Craving for Food

    Hello everyone I am now into day 13 of the Modulen regime (no food eaten since Tuesday 24th February....) I am really struggling today as I am craving food. I am on 40mg of Prednisolone which isn't helping. I feel so much better sicne starting the modulen - all crohns symptoms have gone but...
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    New Member!

    Hello Everyone Thought I would introduce myself. I am a 24 male living in London and have had Crohns since 2002. In this time I have had: a colostomy, a small bowel resection, drug treatment of azaithioprine, asacol, prednisolone, inliximab, adalimumab - all of which have not worked! I have...
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    Modulen Diet for Crohns

    Hi I am a 24 male from the UK who has had Crohns since 2002. After 2 operations, countless spells on steroids and azathioprine, trials on infliximab and adalimumab - all of which haven't worked, my specialist has recommended I try Modulen. For those who don't know this is where you don't eat...