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    Indeterminate colitis, fatigue, permanent stoma

    Hi I got diagnosed with indeterminate colitis in 2012 after having my bowel removed in nov 2011. I had signs of both diseases it was too bad to distinguish between the two diseases for this reason I had it made permanent in 2013. Had another op in April this year to remove a blinding ending...
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    Getting energy back after surgery

    Hi I had surgery on 25th April to remove a blind ending sinus from my bum after complications from previous op to remove rectum and anus. I was off sick for 18 days. I was ok apart from pain and as soon as I go back to wrk boom it hits me I'm feeling weak, drained, exhausted and got no energy at...
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    Proctectomy pain after 9 months

    Hi i had my ileostomy made permanent on 23rd May last year and nearly 9 months on I'm in absolute agony. I went to see surgeon on Monday and he said it's not normal after all of this time. I need a scan and another op to sort it out. He said it's not healing and I might have an infection coz he...
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    Tingling in bum where rectum was :(

    Hi for the past 3 days I've had tingling in my bum where my rectum/anus used to be is this normal? It's constant has anyone else had this?
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    Proctectomy/muscle strain tramadol?

    Hi I had proctectomy op 3 months ago today and yesterday I lifted a really heavy basket at work- customers shopping and my stomach is still in bits :(:( I knew not to lift but thought I would be ok but obviously not. I'm paying for it now. Think I've just strained/pulled muscles I haven't used...
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    Hole in bum after sewn up

    Hi plz can any body help me I'm so scared I just had my proctectomy 8 weeks ago but there is a hole in my bum wound :O it's not big but big enough what's does this mean and what will they do. Is it normal? I thought the reason for the proctectomy was so that there was no hole. Help me plz I go...
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    Blood transfusion

    Hi does anyone know how long blood transfusions stay in your body for? Didn't realise until yesterday that when I had my first op to remove my large bowel(life saving) they gave me blood not sure how much. Looked at the patient sheet for first one and its ticked but its not on the latest sheet...
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    Upset stomach with stoma

    Hi I've had an upset stomach all day well started at 12.40am threw up my tea we had Chinese and ever since then I keep feeling sick/ stomach going crazy:( managed to keep some food down until I had my tea again then threw that up about an hr ago :(:( haven't really eaten that much today and...
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    Proctectomy a week on Thursday

    Hi I'm feeling very nervous, scared and emotional. Hoping it won't be postponed again coz I can't take this anymore just want it over with even tho I don't want it all. If I'm like this now can't imagine what I'm going to be like on the day :( -.- I know this is normal but I'm trying not too...
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    Help! Cold two weeks before surgery

    Plz can you guys help me or give me some advice I woke up on Sunday with a sore throat thought it was too do with going to a gig on Saturday night but today it is affecting my chest and I feel like I can't breathe :-(:-( I have asthma and taken my inhalers but they haven't worked yet. Will they...
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    Phone call week before proctectomy normal?

    Hi just came bk from my nana's funeral and just realised a message on answer machine. Tried ringing them but no luck yet they finish at 5 and rung at 5.10pm. Is this normal a week before surgery? Is too cancel it? I'll ring bk tomoz
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    White sores in mouth

    Hi I keep getting white sores in my mouth which are painful. Is this due to IBD? No sooner they go away they bk again! I've got my pre op on Thursday do you think it's worth mentioning or should I just leave it?
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    Proctectomy in 4 weeks

    Hi I've got my proctectomy op on 2nd may scared of everything it'll soon be here. I've heard they may move my stoma is this true?? My mam also wants me bk to work 3 weeks after surgery but I can't see it being that quick tbh. She doesn't want me on sick pay either that's why she wants me to be...
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    Proctectomy and hairloss?

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has had hairloss after having their ileostomies made permanent? I lost loads of hair after my ileostomy and sub total colectomy for about 5 months afterwards not sure what caused it stress, treatment or what I was going through. My hair has stopped falling out and is...
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    Ileostomy and organ donation

    Hi I would like to join the organ donation but with me having an ileostomy would they still use my small intestine. As far as I'm aware there is nothing wrong with my small bowel.
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    Really bad pain in stomach

    Hi I've got really bad pain in my stomach all over it but it's mainly in the middle and where my stoma is :( hope it's not a blockage never had a blockage before. I'm also having probs with my rectal stump pain and blood that is due to be removed three months today. Can any one help or got any...
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    Help please

    Hi- I've just suddenly broken down into tears thinking I've got 16 weeks till they operate:( I can't get through this I'm frightened silly feel like chickening out. Is this normal? What am I going to be like on the day if I'm like this now. I'll be an emotional wreck:(:( I can't get through this...
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    Proctectomy surgery

    Hi I've got my proctectomy op scheduled for may 2nd next year eek not long. He said I'll probs spend 3-4 days in hospital and a month off work. Which I'm wary about coz I work in a shop so not sure what I will be not be able to do/do. I'm so scared but he said I shouldn't have any probs with...
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    Dealing with the death of a colleague and ostomy too much too bear

    Hi I'm finding it all too much at the mo my colleague got murdered last month I can't get through this it's all too much. I miss him so much work isn't the same he used to joke to me all the time and make me laugh. Now I have to accept that he's never coming bk it's all too much. Death is hard...
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    Questions to ask surgeon about getting rectum and anus removed

    Hi plz can somebody help me on what questions I should ask my surgeon about in three week when I go see him about getting my rectum and anus removed. I can only think of a few... Thanks Rachel xx