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  1. Laura44

    Low-Dose Naltrexone, an Extraordinary Therapy

    I have posted a few times on here about my 11 week journey with LDN. Wanted to share some information I read today - it is a good recap if you are trying to explain the "process" to others who are interested...or friends and family. Blessings and feel better! Laura Low-Dose Naltrexone, an...
  2. Laura44

    New member!

    Hi all! I am new to the site. Recently diagnosed with Crohn's. Can honestly say I am scared to death how to adapt ... this forum looks very helpful. I am researching everything I can from medications, supplements, Naturopathy to diets. There are no two people, doctors or disease the same...
  3. Laura44

    8 weeks on LDN!

    Diagnosed with Crohn's in October 2012. In a frantic doing medicine research I accidentally ran across LDN Penn Study. Neither my GI or MD was on board to prescribe it so I immediately contacted a Dr in NY - did a phone consultation and had the medication overnighted to me. Due to medication...
  4. Laura44


    I am new here - what a great resource of knowledge. Is there a generic list of supplements and anti-inflammatories that are good to take if you have Crohn's? I am researching and it is so overwhelming and all across the board. I would like to know what others take. Thanks!