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  1. rollinstone

    Antibiotic resistance fight could be aided by sugar discovery

  2. rollinstone

    Appendix removal recovery advice needed

    Hey guys, Got my appendix removed last Sunday night, only getting back from hospital today (Thursday), really struggling with the pain and the effects of coming off all that morphine/opiate withdrawal. Also haven't been to the toilet for going on 5 days now, if anyone has any advice on how to...
  3. rollinstone

    Safe protein/mass gainer shake

    Hey guys, wondering if you knew of any safe protein shakes, by that I mean one that's preferably plant based and not whey, also one that has natural sweeteners rather than severely processed or inflammatory ingredients, desperate to put on some weight.
  4. rollinstone

    How many times you been on pred since diagnosis

    Hey gang, Just wondering how many times ppl have been on a pred taper since diagnosis, I think iv been on atleast two long tapers a year since 2012, which is a bit concerning because I now have osteoporosis from it... Generally start at like 40/35mg n then taper down fortnightly or every ten...
  5. rollinstone

    Anyone in the anti map redhill rhb trial?

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone on here is in this trial, or know of if anyone is in it, it's not supposed to be completed until nov 2016 which is a wee bit away :(
  6. rollinstone

    Anyone had a surgical procedure for hemorrhoids?

    Hey gang, just wondering if anyone on here has undergone infrared coagulation, or maybe something similar to get rid of recurring hemmerhoids? If so did you have any success?
  7. rollinstone

    Hemorrhoid or?

    Hey gang, just wondering how often ppl on here get hemmys? And also do they turn into abscesses? I've had this one nagging external hemorrhoid that comes and goes, it's soooo frigging irritating. I hope it is just a hemmy though and nothing more sinister
  8. rollinstone

    How many of you need anti-depressants

    Hey guys, just wondering how many of you need anti-depressants or how you manage to cope mentally, I feel like I'm on the end of My tether... Thinking maybe it's time to get some psychiatric help..
  9. rollinstone

    How many of you have stopped and restarted remicade

    Hey guys, so I stopped remicade back in February, but have some active inflammation back so I'm wanting to go back on it, just wondering if there's been many people on here who have stopped and started again with success, iv heard about antibodies developing which kinda concerns me
  10. rollinstone

    Is this bad?

    Hey crohnie gang, so iv started Amtriptyline which has taken my headaches away but it's made me pretty damn constipated to the point where I Havnt taken a dump in like 3 days, then on the 4th day (today iv gone like 4 times) fairly well formed for the most part on the Bristol stool chart... My...
  11. rollinstone

    Novel delivery may enhance stem cell efficacy in fistulizing Crohn's

    Don't know if this has been posted before or not, please forgive me if so. - http://www.mayoclinic.org/medical-professionals/clinical-updates/digestive-diseases/study-evaluate-stem-cell-fistula-plugs-perianal-crohns Complex perianal fistulas, which may affect up to 40 percent of people with...
  12. rollinstone

    Amtriptyline and other crohns meds.

    Hey gang, iv been suffering from constant lingering, tension type headaches, getting really over it, I'm gonna ask my doctor to let me try Amtriptyline, but I'm just wondering if anyone on here is also on other crohns cocktails... Im on remicade, imuran, pentasa and tapering from pred after a...
  13. rollinstone

    Dunno how much more I can take

    This disease has got me so down, bm's are under control though I'm starving myself to do it, following SCD, I'm on so many fkin meds and I don't feel as if they're really helping at all sure im not passing any blood atm but my face is yellow, like jaundice and I'm still in agony, iv spent too...
  14. rollinstone

    Crohn's without granuloma formation?

    Just wondering how many people on here have been diagnosed with Crohn's and did not have any granuloma formation? I'm in a bit of a rut because when I was in hospital it looked more like UC, though when I was initially diagnosed it was transmural and patchy. Now my GI is saying we need to get...
  15. rollinstone

    Swollen groin lymph or bite?

    hey guys, I have this bite like thing on my upper thigh, its quite sore, its come up over the last 2 days but I have had it before, I'm worried its my lymph nodes swelling up (though this time its just on one side, last time it happened it was on both thighs though I thought it was just bites...
  16. rollinstone

    MAP becoming more and more suspected as the culprit of CD

    hi guys, I've been doing a tonne of research lately, and could post numerous articles but I will post perhaps one of the most thorough, it is 8 pages long but I do recommend everyone on here to read it! -http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/752223_4 - is the link. but I have copy n pasted what I...
  17. rollinstone

    Has anyone ever had CMV virus on Aza or remicade?

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone on here has been unlucky enough to have ha the CMV virus, I think it's pretty uncommon. I have recently started passing a little bit of blood in my stool (none today) but past 3 days. Generally symptoms persist w diarrhea which I do not have, so I don't think I...
  18. rollinstone

    Advice needed from anyone who has been diagnosed with Osteoporosis

    Hi guys, so I need some advice, I've been prescribed a bisphosphonate, I opted for once a week dosing in case I didn't tolerate it well. Sure enough I had my first pill on Thursday and have been having stomach problems since, severe upper gastro pains, which started the day I took the pill. I...
  19. rollinstone

    Polysorbate 80 in bisphosphinates

    So there is polysorbate 80 in my bisphosphonate which sucks because I need to take it to try reverse my osteoporosis while im youngish (25). Is anyone here on a bisphosphonate that doesn't contain polysorbate?
  20. rollinstone


    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone was on bisphosphinates for osteoporosis, my GP has prescribed me some in the hopes that we can reverse my cortisone induced osteoporosis as he says I'm 25 and young maybe I can reverse it and atleast get in the osteopenic range. Just wondering if anyone has had...