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  1. JennaRae

    Ostomy awareness shirt

    I found this really cool ostomy awareness shirt online today and thought I would share it. I just ordered one. You can draw on the bottom of it to show where your stoma is. I thought it was cute and informative! http://teespring.com/ostomyis
  2. JennaRae

    Wafer pulling on abdomen?

    My abdomen looks like its being suction cupped to my barrier. It's domed out underneath where the barrier is. It actually looks like I put a huge suction cup there and pulled it off and now the skin and everything dome out. It doesn't hurt but looks very strange and im concerned it could cause a...
  3. JennaRae

    Things about my stoma that make me laugh

    My husband came home from work and I'm standing in the bathroom changing my supplies, I have a wafer stuffed in my pants against my thigh, and a ring in my bra. He raises an eyebrow and I'm like, "What? They stick better when they're warm." He just laughed and walked in the closet. These...
  4. JennaRae

    Accidents in public. How you deal with them.

    Accidents in public, what's your story? I'm starting this thread so that we can vent about our public accidents. Get them off of our chests where we won't be judged, can laugh a little, and get some support by knowing how others deal with it. Now a days my accidents are different because of my...
  5. JennaRae

    3 months after total proctocolectomy

    So it's been 3 months since I got Agnes, my perm ileostomy and had my rear sewn up. For the longest time I thought I wasn't ever going to heal, that it wasn't going to get any better but here I am!!! I feel amazing!!! My stoma has healed nicely to my skin, although it does like to retract a...
  6. JennaRae

    Need paste or rings?

    So I've realized I need convex wafers now I'm trying to figure out if the rings or paste are better. I get leaks right around my stoma, mainly at the bottom. I've tried the eakin cohesive but my poo seems to disintegrate them in a day. And the paste I tried, convatec, burns really bad. Any...
  7. JennaRae

    Do I need a convex wafer?

    Hello!!! I need some advice. I have only had my stoma for about 9 weeks. I notice that she sinks in and pops back out whenever she wants. When she sinks down she sinks below the wafer and its causing tons of leaks. Also when she pops out sometimes she just hangs and the opening points straight...
  8. JennaRae

    So frustrated!

    So I finally got my butt stitches, from proctocolectomy, out and there was a 3-4 inch area that had opened up so the surgeon packed it with gauze and I have to change it out daily... Ahhhhhh! I've been hurting and uncomfortable for so long! I know there will be light at the end of the tunnel but...
  9. JennaRae

    Proctocolectomy Rear End Stitches

    I saw my regular surgeons associate due to the fact that my surgeon was out of town this week. I was suppose to have my butt stitches removed today, from my proctocolectomy. The doctor got 2 out, with me screaming and sobbing in pain, before he stopped. He prescribed me some pain pills and...
  10. JennaRae

    Another ?

    So now I am having intense cramping, like its that time of the month, which I never had before my proctocolectomy. Is this normal? It almost feels like all the muscles in my rear end and 'women parts' are going crazy.
  11. JennaRae

    Stoma stitches hurt

    Hello! I just got my ileostomy almost 2 weeks ago and the stitches around my stoma are very tender!!! Is this normal? Escecially when my bag gets a little heavy. Will this go away? It's not red or irrited it looks like. Just very very tender.
  12. JennaRae

    Total Proctocolectomy Yesterday!!!

    So yesterday was the day I had my surgery and got Agnes, my ileostomy stoma! The surgery went well and i spent the night in the recovery room. He reopened all of my previous mid line scars to smooth them out and make them look nice so there's an 8 inch incision there. Today I just feel VERY...
  13. JennaRae

    Update on surgery!!!

    So my proctocolectomy is scheduled for next Tuesday, yikes!!! I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I asked the surgeon a million questions and feel pretty good about the pre op appt. Unfortunately I won't get to meet my stoma nurse until the day of. However, I did request a bunch of free...
  14. JennaRae

    Pre Op appt next Wednesday

    Hello I'm new here! I met with my GI today and we both decided, along with my family, that having a proctocolectomy is what's best for me. I have my pre op appt set for October 3 so, a week from today. Then I'll set my surgery date. I'm having the surgery within the next few weeks for sure...
  15. JennaRae

    Hold your head high

    I took my kids to ride the miniature train in fort worth and bravely wore some white linen pants. Of all days today was the day I had an accident and the only way back to the car was to walk AWAY from the 50-60 people on the train. My 5 year old said, "its ok mommy. Hold your head up and I'll...
  16. JennaRae

    New here and looking for a new doctor

    Hello! I am new on here and hoping y'all can help me find a new doctor in my area. I have severe Crohn's and IBS. I have both for almost 10 years. I've had three bowel resections and my gallbladder and appendix removed. Both Remicade and Humira failed on me so I'm on Cimzia right now. I've...