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  1. bubazoo


    humira got my humira pen for crohns disease starter kit injectables in the mail today!! woohoo!!! Now Thursday, I'm going in for them to show me how to do it. I am blind so I don't know how I'm going to be able to do this, but the fun begins Thursday! hehe supposed to be for treatment of...
  2. bubazoo

    Advice dealing with family

    advice dealing with family What kind of advice can you guys give me about dealing with family? They get upset hearing about my "bowell movements" so they say, but when you can't drive a car, and you go over to family's houses, you know, family picks you up, and you don't leave until the person...
  3. bubazoo

    Decision between Remicade and Humira

    decision between Remicade and Humira for patients and doctors out there What do you guys think? For general care of our Crohns, which do you guys think is better to go with? Humira? or Remicade? I was on Remicade once about 3 years ago, but they took me off of it after 12 months, because the...
  4. bubazoo

    What are Glabulin (sp?) levels

    what are Glabulin (sp?) levels I take Imuran (50mg 2x/day) for the treatment of my crohns. not the only treatment but one of the medicines I take for it. My GI is thinking about giving me Remicade again, so he ran a bunch of blood tests, and he said the test results came back saying I have...
  5. bubazoo

    Decision to make....HELP!! :(

    decision to make....HELP!! :( Hey guys, Its been a long time since I've visited this forum, so I will attempt to reintroduce myself. My name is Tom, and I've had Crohns Disease for the last 13 years now. When I originally signed up for this website, I lived in a small town called Warsaw...
  6. bubazoo

    Financial troubles paying hospital bills help

    financial troubles paying hospital bills help Hey guys, As I'm sure most of you know by now, I've had Crohn's Disease for the past 9 years. During that time, I have had 5 rectal surgeries, a years worth of Remicade treatments, and other misc times where I've had to go into ER to get Crohn's...
  7. bubazoo

    ER visit, Darn Fistulas won't go away :(

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  8. bubazoo

    Living a better life with Crohns

    Here is an article I wrote up, on what I have learned about Crohn's Disease, and how to mange it by using many different types of diets to get an idea of what your specific body can tollerate, and what it cannot.. Since everybody is different, each person tollerates both food items, and...
  9. bubazoo

    Back from 2nd opinion doctor about Fistulas

    back from 2nd opinion doctor about Fistulas well, just got back from 2nd Opinion surgeon doctor about my Fistulas.. This guy has been doing rectal surgeries for over 35 years and he seemed to know what he was talking about. My doctor is just a young guy. What he suggests, since the plug and...
  10. bubazoo

    Went to surgeon today

    went to surgeon today Well, I am so frustrated today.. I went in for my doctors appointment today to see this Dr Edmond for a 2nd opinion, about what to do about my FIstulas. apparently this guy has been in practice for 100 years (according to my doctor) so I made an appt to see him today.. I...
  11. bubazoo

    New member

    new member Hello, my name is Tom.. I'm 35, reciently divorced, no kids, from Warsaw, Indiana. I've had Crohn's Disease since 1996, but wasn't officially diagnosed with it until 1999, before that the doctors didn't really know what it was.. I kept floating from job to job, because I kept...