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  1. J

    Crohn’s in small bowel

    Hey y’all! Question: Who here has had active Crohn’s in the small bowel? What were your symptoms? What treatment are you on? Sorry to come out with so many questions but I’ve always had CD in my ileocecal area, as far as I know so just trying to learn more. Background: I was diagnosed back in...
  2. J

    Doctor suggests Entyvio with 6mp

    Thanks for replying so quickly. I’m actually only on Entocort EC right now. I’ve done Humira by itself back in 2017 and developed an allergy to it in 3 months. Several years ago I was on Imuran only for many years. It had little effect on my Crohn’s but the side effects were awful so I quit...
  3. J

    Doctor suggests Entyvio with 6mp

    Hi all, Looking for anyone with experience getting Entyvio infusion and 6mp as treatment for Crohn’s. My disease is mostly in the ileocecal valve area. I have a significant stricture there and am having a bad flare. I’ve taken Humira in the past but developed an allergy to it in just 3 months...