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  1. Maya142

    Article - Helping Children Conquer Chronic Pain

    Good article about chronic/amplified pain - https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/21/well/family/helping-children-conquer-chronic-pain.html
  2. Maya142

    Challenges Persist for Severe Crohn's

    Thought this was very interesting. I want to add we have been told differently about adrenal insufficiency - it is rare only because it's not tested for often enough according to the many endocrinologists we saw (M did develop adrenal insufficiency).
  3. Maya142

    Study on Entyvio and Arthritis

    Study on Entyvio and Arthritis
  4. Maya142

    Emergence of severe spondyloarthropathy-related entheseal pathology following successful vedolizumab therapy for inflammatory bowel disease

    Found this pretty disturbing - my daughter's SpA really flared after she was put on Entyvio. We didn't have enough evidence to say it was from the Entyvio at that time, but we did suspect it.
  5. Maya142

    Remicade - some hope!

    My older daughter told me today that she met someone through a friend at the arthritis foundation who also has arthritis and is on Remicade. She has been on Remicade for 17 years!! 17!!! She started Remicade very close to when it first came out and is now in her 30s. I have never heard of...
  6. Maya142

    School Stress May Trigger IBD Flares in Teens

    Interesting study about stress and school! Anyone see a pattern with their kids? My kiddo's arthritis definitely flares around September but not sure about her IBD...
  7. Maya142

    Meta-Analysis: Acetaminophen, NSAIDs Don't Consistently Worsen IBD

    Meta-Analysis: Acetaminophen, NSAIDs Don't Consistently Worsen IBD But authors stop short of recommending change in guidelines by Diana Swift, Contributing Writer May 02, 2018 A systematic review and meta-analysis has found no consistent overall association between worsening inflammatory bowel...
  8. Maya142

    Childhood Crohn's Progression Halted by Biologics

    More research!
  9. Maya142

    Pediatric Use of TNF inhbitors Does Not Increase Malignancy Risk

    New study confirming that TNF inhibitors do not increase cancer risk in kids.
  10. Maya142

    No sting/burn Humira!

    https://news.abbvie.com/news/media-statements/humira-adalimumab-formulation-update.htm VERY exciting :)!! My girls are no longer on Humira but I know they will be thrilled for all those who still are.
  11. Maya142

    Fecal Transplant Research

    From Boston Children's:
  12. Maya142

    Starting Cimzia

    Since there are so few kids on Cimzia, I figured I'd start a thread about M's experience. We are really hoping it will help both her Crohn's and AS. Her Crohn's has been flaring since this winter (after getting CDiff) and she has been on steroids for 5 months (and is VERY ready to get off...
  13. Maya142

    Infliximab Use Not Tied to Malignancy in Pediatric IBD

    Good info to know:
  14. Maya142

    MRE question

    M just had an MRE today. It went well -- she didn't throw up the barium (Volumen) which was her biggest fear, since she threw up a LOT when she had her small bowel follow through last fall. She drank some of it and got very nauseous, so then they allowed us to put it through her G tube. She did...
  15. Maya142


    This is exciting!
  16. Maya142

    Stricture - duodenum

    We got some bad news today. M went in for a tube change today. We did it endoscopically because her GJ tube has been flipping back into her stomach instead of staying in the small bowel. So the point was to secure it to the jejunum using a clip. Well, in the third portion of the duodenum, they...
  17. Maya142

    Drugs in the pipeline

    Always like to read about what's next! The whole article is here: http://www.gastroenterologyandhepatology.net/index.php/archives/july-2016/the-present-and-future-of-inflammatory-bowel-disease-treatment/
  18. Maya142

    Biosimilar of Remicade Approved

    Remicade biosimilar approved - not sure how this will affect kids who are already on Remicade. Does anyone know?