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    Cholestyramine and white clumps

    First I apologize that this is graphic. My daughter has been chasing a flare for 4 years now. Much of the time the three GI's she has seen (we moved) have all suspected she has IBS and this is not a Crohn's flare. Last summer, her GI scoped her and found severe Crohn's activity. She...
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    NCAA Sports Recruiting

    Has anyone here been through NCAA sports recruiting for themselves or their child? I have a daughter who was diagnosed with Crohn's 5 years ago. It took us about a year to get her to remission but once on Remicade she has been in solid remission for 4years now. She has never missed a day of...
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    Our SCD Journey

    Most of you know the background but if you are interested here is the history https://crohnsforum.com/threads/heard-from-doc-today.35732/page-12. Basically my 20 year old is being told there aren't any more pharmaceutical options that will work for her. She is on Entyvio and she is at about...
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    Fecal Cal Protectin appeal letter

    Hey guys, thought you might like to see this appeal letter. The GI posted it on Twitter today. Man I wish we lived in Chicago so I could transfer O to his care. He is the real deal.
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    IBD Caregiver load

    Not telling us anything we didn't already know but nice to see others now know it also...
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    Sherman Awards - Future treatment for fibrostenosis!

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    Hot Flashes

    Has anyone gotten hot flashes in the middle of the day? I have two teen daughters with Crohn's. Years ago my older daughter (20) got hot flashes before she was in remission. We mentioned it to GI and he fluffed it off saying it wasn't Crohn's. Now my 16 year old has had a few recently...
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    Levels of 4 Genes in Colon Tissue Might be Used to Predict Which Patients Will Enter Endoscopic Remission

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    Fecal Calprotectin Sample?

    Hey there experts. I know you can use a liquid stool sample for fecal calprotectin but what is the sample appears to be all blood/;liquid? No stool appears to be in there.
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    PICC Lines?

    Has anyone on here been sent home from the hospital with a PICC line to do their own TPN hook up at night? My daughter was sent home with a PICC line and we are doing overnight lipids and fluids. I prime the line and look at is carefully. I triple check it. Then after about 5 minutes of...
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    Higher dose Entyvio

    Is anyone here on doses higher than 300mg every 4 weeks? My daughter has been on Entyvio for 11 weeks and she only has a trough level of 11. Her GI said they like to see >20. In order to get that he feels she needs 500 mg every 4 weeks but fears insurance won't approve it. He says there is...
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    Entyvio - How Long

    My daughter recently switched to Entyvio from Remicade (lost response). She has finished her loading doses and is due for her first maintenance dose this week. She is on an every 4 weeks maintenance schedule. So she is in her 9th week. She is flaring badly. Has had 3 hospital admits in the...
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    Silent Crohn's disease

    http://www.gastroenterologyandhepatology.net/archives/august-2014/silent-crohns-disease/ Interesting read. Don't ask how I came across it. I think I wore out the internet this week.
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    Tacrolimus Experience

    Hi Y'all, My college aged Crohnie just went back to school in a flare. The GI has decided to stop Remicade and move her to Entyvio. Because Entyvio takes so long to kick in and she has been on steroids too much over the last 15 months he wants her to use Tacrolimus to control disease until...
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    Anucort Question and advice needed

    Hi all! Thought I would start with the adult forum as the sed GI's don't typically prescribe rectal suppositories. My 19 year olds had Crohn's for 7 years. About 3 years ago she started passing a lot of mucus, having extreme urgency (some accidents), and her frequency was way up. Initially...
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    Treat to Target and Tight Control

    Most normal people bing watch Netflix:yfaint: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4PiuzVRvFg&list=PLXgWQa-8oLqaoBUKrcc-1Hq5Kv-RmuePk&index=2
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    Nutritional interventions may help avoid surgery in patients with complicated Crohn's disease

    Firat I am hearing this but very encouraging: https://www.medpagetoday.com/reading-room/aga/lower-gi/74949
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    Higher Remicade levels are not associated with increase adverse events

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    Value of MRE and FCP

    Small study but worth a look. http://journalsblog.gastro.org/does-mucosal-healing-mean-transmural-healing-in-children-with-crohns-disease/
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    U.S. Court Case involving key provision in ACA

    https://twitter.com/CrohnsColitisFn Another item to keep watch over in politics is if they allow payers to bring back lifetime maximums. This would clearly harm many of the kids here who have had IBD since they were young and also additional health concerns that go along with it.