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  1. hainman

    Exercise after ileostomy surgery

    So just under 5 weeks ago i had surgery for Ileostomy with being opened up and had my rear end removed also,yesterday i went out with 2 mates for a wee cycle and ended up doing a 30km cross country mountain bike ride,close to the end i was running on empty and did walk a section of the cycle as...
  2. hainman

    1st post op cycle

    So i managed my 1sst cycle since my ileostomy op a month ago today,had to wear padded shorts and a memory foam saddle cover coz my undercarriage is still numb-ish but hopefully i can work my way in gently and be hitting the trails next month before the sh1tty scottish weather sets in, Only done...
  3. hainman

    Internal stitches

    how long do they take to dissolve fully,i can feel one or two that are a wee bit annoying,one actually popped through my wound but was not able to pull it out,hope they dont end up causing infection if they dont dissolve properly...
  4. hainman


    So im 3 weeks down the line after my ileo surgery,all seems to be healing nicely,just wondering when im ok to start going in the bath.Showers are fine but miss lying chilling in the bath... Cheers peeps
  5. hainman

    Balloon bags

    hey,has anyone got any tips or tricks to stop stoma bags from turning into sh** balloons??I was told to take a small pin and prick a wee hole up near the filter at the top of the bag but i would have thought these bags already had a blow off valve or whatever to let air out no?? thanks Craig
  6. hainman

    Stoma sports guards

    Anyone use any of the available stoma guards,I do a lot of moutain biking and im thinking of buying a guard to give me peace of mind when out on the trails in case i have an off and do any damage or even just a bag split.I have seen one buts its from the states and its quite dear for what your...
  7. hainman

    Surgery over.....

    Hi guy's.So after an awfull long time in waiting,I finally had my surgery,Illieostomy and Procloctomy.(ithink) or in my terms,Colon removed,rectumand anus removed,tail end stitched up.... All went as planed but as i chose to take the Epidural pain relief route i experienced more pain than i had...
  8. hainman

    Surgery confirmed......FINALLY!!!

    Hi guys n gals.. After what seems like an eternity,i have finally been given my date with the surgeon,i had to plead,beg and get down right ruthless to get to this stage as the consultant seemed reluctant to do a referal letter to the surgeon,i was phoning everyone and anyone i could,some got a...
  9. hainman

    How long for a referral letter to go through in Scotland

    So guys n gals.just wondering if any of you know how long it should take from consultant writing referral letter to surgeon,to him reading said letter,to him issueing an app to me to come meet him to then discuss surgery...been nealry 2 weeks and havnt heard heehaw considering the hassle i had...
  10. hainman

    Morning feed

    Hey guys n gals.... Just wondering how long you lot take to be able to eat breakie without it running out you....i can make myself some toast in the morning within 5 minutes sometimes less im running to the loo but sometimes if i have peanut butter and jam instead of butter it goes a lot...
  11. hainman

    Anyone from glasgow

    Just a wee shout out to anyone from glasgow......be good to hear from anyone local. Esp those that attend the Gartnavel general,would love to know if im the only one getting pissed about by the consultant i have,been waiting 2 months now for him to write a referral letter to the surgeon to get...
  12. hainman

    Iron infusion

    Hi guys.....just looking for some info on this procedure.. Anyone had it done??seems my levels are pretty low so im due in hospital for an infusion but was told its a WHOLE DAY thing..... Surely it cant take THAT long,even my imflixamab treatment wasnt that long.... Anyhoo needs must i...
  13. hainman

    Bowel removal....

    Hey guys, So im due into hosp in 2weeks to speak with the Consultant,IBD nurse and hopefully Surgeon about my impending bowel removal op and stoma... I have been on here and spoke with a few of you about what to expect and have got my head mentally ready, What i really want to ask is roughly...
  14. hainman

    Merry Xmas

    Would just like to wish all my fellow Crohnie's a very merry Xmas..... Hope you all got through Xmas dinner without to much Upset... "Toasting you all with a wee Whisky" Scottish style......:hug:
  15. hainman

    Prednisolone insomnia

    So ive been put back on the roids to help beef me up a bit over Xmas before my op(feel like im the xmas turkey) Been a long time since i was on them but the sleep deprivation is driving me mental....went to bed thursday night at 11 and was still awake at half 4. Anyone else have this problem and...
  16. hainman

    Operation and Stoma in the new year

    So got the news at last that i will be going under the knife in the new year.... Im pretty sure i didnt ask sant for a stoma this year but thats what im getting :yfaint: as a wee Xmas bonus they have given me a course of roids to get me through the festive period and hopefully i will eat this...
  17. hainman

    Time for Fleet

    So my 3rd colonoscopy this year,Sent that ghastly klean-prep AGAIN!!! Gives me the boak big time so had a nice wee blether with the lady at the help desk and boom,Fleet sent out next day, My wonder is why the hell do they use this s*** when they have other stuff that you don't need to drink...
  18. hainman

    Sleeping on your side

    hey guys n gals,just wondering if anyone has problems when sleeping on their side,i always go to bed and try to sleep on my back but i prefer on my side or my front but as soon as i move to my side or front i seem to feel BM and end up having to get up and go to the loo. Frustrating is an...
  19. hainman

    tree bark cure for crohns

    Anyone read todays sun news paper.lady in it today saying she has cured her crohns disease by eating tree bark...... she says she is going to sell the secret remedy to pharmaceutical company. do you think she has found something or just "barking up a tree" :wink:
  20. hainman

    Crohns tattoo

    i have been thinking of getting my next tattoo and was thinking of something crohns related,i would like something on the lines of a genetic make up or like the dna make up but im struggling to find anything apart from a kind of barcode thing.does any one know of anything that would make up a...