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  1. theability

    Steroid induced diabetes

    Hello all, it has been a few since the last time I posted here, been trying my best to heal! I was wondering how many of you all that have been on chronic steroid or had high-dosage shorterm steroids have had, Steriod induced diabetes? Since my nightmare last year I am trying to find those...
  2. theability

    Disease Processes that Mimic Crohn's

    Even though I have the disease, its come to face the fact that there is more going on in my terminal ileum than meets the eye. I was wondering with my fellow crohnies knew of anything that can act like Crohn's that has been misdiagnoses as Crohn's or completely just missed period. Can you...
  3. theability

    Where to go with this, treatment isn't working

    The road has forked for me again, No need to say that I have been in the hospital numerous times in the last few weeks let alone the time in the last year. The DVT in my right arm has thrown a curve ball causing major effects upon everything in my body. My questions are of what do the fellow...
  4. theability

    Dang my Luck it sucks.....

    I am sitting here at the ER of Brackenridge in Austin, once again, about to be admitted for the fourth time in 3 months. The diagnosis this time??? I have a Deep Vien Thrombosis from an IV start last week, because I was running a fever and Imuran therapy warrented blood cultures. My, My, MY...
  5. theability

    Steroid induced Hyperglycemia

    I've recently been admitted again... A new event is I am suffering from steriod induced hyperglycemia, and have been placed on insulin to combat the effects. My glucose has been on the 250's since admission yesterday. Anyone else suffer from this, does it go away? anyone..please....:(
  6. theability

    In the Hospital Again

    Well I found myself waking up in a hospital gown, IV's of solu-medrol, flagyl and that horrid RLQ pain that I call my sword. I started bleeding again last yesterday, had gone to my PC doc and She, Admitted me on the spot. It sucks, I was just released from the same floor 2 weeks ago, from a 5...
  7. theability

    Pentasa does it work?

    Hi new to the board, not new to Crohn's...was diagnosed during my appendix surgery 2006... Anyway I have been dealing with a long flare for 5 months, that started because I was a jack-ass and decided to quit taking all my meds at once in march, BAD CHOICE! So recently they (GI/PCP) decided...
  8. theability

    Finally Dealing with My Disease

    I have a disease? Your kidding me right? For so long I have had this lingering thought of river-denial. Even though I have a Medical background as a EMT-Paramedic, since my diagnosis in January 2006 I have been ignoring the Crohn's brewing in my RLQ. Trust me the crohn's has made itself...